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Redskins GM Resigns
"Basically I grew tired of all the football process. I know it is not the right time for some, with that 4 games loosing skid ; but that's something I had in mind long before that, even when we sat atop RZL among the better teams. And I feel there's no better time than now because I don't know how to right what's wrong ; neither have I the envy to pursuit and seek the remedy.

I thank all the GMs around here for that second sting as an RZL GM, the commishes and league staff. I need a step-away from football and other things.

I wish everyone farewell and hopefully the next DC GM will bring the ultimate silverware to DC as this team has all the talent needed to win it."

That's all that what GM Ratajczak said before leaving the press room. Some comossion here in DC as he's just leaving in his second season here and was thoroughly appreciated within the franchise. Words like quitter, bad looser are often heard around particulary with those defeats and sweap received by both Dallas and Philly ; or other like good ridance for the same reasons stated before. Indeed, despite continuing the success had Under Jason Arnold, GM Ratajczak couldn't win against hated rivals, loosing all the games to Philly, and this year he added the swept by Dallas.
No names have been rumored out from the front office as of now. But it seems that no matter who it is, he shall be quite warm-welcomed !
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At A Glance

GM O_Ratajczak
Head Coach Gary Kubiak
Offensive Coordinator Do.McNabb
Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett
Special Teams Jerry Rosburg
Salary $176.46M
Cap Penalty $10.96M
Cap Room $11.91M


NFC East
#8 Eagles Eagles 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#15 Cowboys Cowboys 9-7-0 0.56 4-2
#11 Redskins Redskins 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Giants Giants 6-10-0 0.38 1-5

1 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 17-20
2 Sun at Saints Saints #4
Won 21-12
3 Sun vs Giants Giants #27
Won 37-17
4 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Won 30-23
5 Sun at Giants Giants #27
Won 20-17
6 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Won 27-20
7 Sun at Browns Browns #22
Lost 22-23
8 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10
Won 38-14
10 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #19
Lost 35-39
11 Sun at Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 27-36
12 Thu at Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 19-31
13 Mon vs Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 20-22
14 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #14
Won 16-3
15 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 3-27
16 Sat vs Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 12-13
17 Sun at Steelers Steelers #25
Won 33-17

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