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Redskins GM Resigns
"Basically I grew tired of all the football process. I know it is not the right time for some, with that 4 games loosing skid ; but that's something I had in mind long before that, even when we sat atop RZL among the better teams. And I feel there's no better time than now because I don't know how to right what's wrong ; neither have I the envy to pursuit and seek the remedy.

I thank all the GMs around here for that second sting as an RZL GM, the commishes and league staff. I need a step-away from football and other things.

I wish everyone farewell and hopefully the next DC GM will bring the ultimate silverware to DC as this team has all the talent needed to win it."

That's all that what GM Ratajczak said before leaving the press room. Some comossion here in DC as he's just leaving in his second season here and was thoroughly appreciated within the franchise. Words like quitter, bad looser are often heard around particulary with those defeats and sweap received by both Dallas and Philly ; or other like good ridance for the same reasons stated before. Indeed, despite continuing the success had Under Jason Arnold, GM Ratajczak couldn't win against hated rivals, loosing all the games to Philly, and this year he added the swept by Dallas.
No names have been rumored out from the front office as of now. But it seems that no matter who it is, he shall be quite warm-welcomed !
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Schedule :
1 vs Cowboys :: Lost 17-20
2 at Saints :: Won 21-12
3 vs Giants :: Won 37-17
4 at Buccaneers :: Won 30-23

Stats :
Overall Record W3 3-1-0
Points Scored/Game 13th 26.3
Total Offense/Game 12th 378.5
Pass Offense/Game 9th 268.0
Rush Offense/Game 15th 110.5
Points Allowed/Game 5th 18.0
Total Defense/Game 3rd 284.5
Pass Defense/Game 3rd 162.8
Rush Defense/Game 24th 121.8
Turnover Diff 30th -3

Overall Analysis :
Overall DC is doing pretty good, even if they don't light the scoreboard up like last season, they just benefit from a less throw the rock away approach, and a stout defense that doesn't allow a lot of point or a lot of yards. The lowside of this : negative net TO and average rushing yards allowed over 120.
The work is obviously to reduce the TO (Wright is already having 6 Ints) and produce more from the defense. Sacks are also low, and Ansah is still having a rough outing with none collected.
The other hand is to take care more of the run, to force the opponent to throw, and that would be ideal because the pass defense is of SB caliber as of now.
What is a good foresight is that all the changes made during the offseason are paying and players and staffs are buying it.
Best feature so far : wining at Tampa with a 4th quarter come from behind victory, after Wright throwing for 4 Ints.
Worst feature : home opening loss to the Cowboys.

Player Points :
Firstly, the rookies are doing pretty good : Dorin Nealy is doing as good as any star RT, Patrick Fletcher is proving that as an HB he can carry the load when needed, and be dangerous as an home threat ; and MArquise Lee, apart some common rookie mistakes,is proving that Jackson Manning won't be miss as much as felt, and has laready posted some serious clutch catches for 3rd down conversions.
Will Wright is having a bit of a downward, with nnder.500 of complétions, but still is among the elite passers. He will surely remember not to try too much against a ballhawk defense like Tampa's ; but he's comforting himself as another serious candidate for Team MVP.
And as usual, Golden Tate is of all-world level leading the league in yards, receptions and TDs.
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As stated in part 2, the Redskins hope to improve vastly the defense in terms of statistically yardage allowed both by air and by ground ; but also increase the pressure to record whether a sack or a TO.
As so, pending league approval, the Redskins lately agreed to deal with the Seahawks to land DE Brandon Graham, who likes a perfect Wheel, lands where he started. They particular hope that Graham and Ansah will pair to be one of the fiercest pass rush in the NFC Est, and look forward for them to register around 13+ sacks each or better.
In that case, both DT Tjung and Joseph should also benefit from playing with two talented defensive bookends. That should help the defense to play more coverage from LBs in pass, or to create lanes for them to stop the run.
In that case, the team look to be again a top 10 pass defense, and regain the first half in run defense. The secondary is poised - hopefully - to pick 20 balls at least from opponents.

Regarding the offense, they look to be again one of the best passing unit, and for Wright to go over 4300 yards and going over the 40 TDs. This can be argued difficult with Jackson Manning now a Titan, and with two rookies in Lee and Pritchett ; but Wright is looking to prove guys wrong about that.
The team also looks to be more lethal on the run, and for this, to be more regular in the effort. The team looks for Lee to gain around 1300 ayrds and 10 scores, and Pritchett to gain around 700yards and 5 scores.

Schemes have been practiced to help the young bookends to be easier at run blocking, a part they still need to improve. They then hope that the good camp from rookie HB Fletcher will translate well in-season ; and the target set is 1500 yards and around 7 scores.

All in all, the division crown and a SB berth is the aim. For that the team needs to secure the division record, and take care of business with the Eagles. With the Cowboys gaining more consistency and chemistry, the division is beginning to be a tough 3 way battle. The teams feel the window of opportunity is still up for grab to have that first ever RZL ring.
Teh goal is the to go 6-0 in the division and in the process to reach a 13-3 record that should be enough to be in the discussion for a top 2 seed.
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The Redskins camp has open !
The rookies are here and all signed, meanwhile the team is still in talks with several players to meet the RZL roster requirements.
There's no holdout by anyone, and all the startes are fresh and ready to go.


Conditioning was a major focus, because injuries came late due to teh body enduring much and with less rest. As so, they decided to change of training and conditioning Partner.
Here below are a sample of what they're doing.

Sprint Ladders

The sprint ladder encourages speed, agility, coordination and leg muscle strength, all qualities a football player must possess, making these an excellent conditioning tool.
•2 x sprint 10 yards, rest 10 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 20 yards, rest 20 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 30 yards, rest 30 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 40 yards, rest 30 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 50 yards, rest 30 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 40 yards, rest 30 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 30 yards, rest 30 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 20 yards, rest 20 seconds between sprints
•2 x sprint 10 yards, rest 10 seconds between sprints

Sprint/Stride Intervals
Here's where a coach can use 100 yards effectively. But you need to fine-tune the drill a little to make it more appropriate. Instead of all-out sprints, have the players perform interval sets of 20-yard sprints and 20-yard strides for the full length of the field. Striders are particularly beneficial to players. They help players develop greater stride length. This means they'll be able to cover more ground in less time, resulting in greater speed production. (See Get Quicker with Football-Specific Intervals.) A set would be:

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•20-yard sprint
•20-yard stride
•20-yard sprint
•20-yard stride
•20-yard sprint

Rest 30 seconds between sets and repeat for a total of four to 10 sets. Start on the lower set range at the beginning of your pre-season training and increase volume as your conditioning progresses.

Tempo Runs
Tempo runs are another drill for which coaches can use the full 100 yards of the football field.
•Have players start at a corner of an end zone and stride for 100 yards
•Focus on long steps, slower than a sprint, faster than a jog
•Jog across to the opposite side of the end zone
•Stride 100 yards again
•Walk across the end zone to the starting point
•Repeat four to 10 times.

Again, start with the lower training volume (four sets) early on and increase it as the season progresses.

Four Quarters

This is one of the best conditioning drills around in my opinion. It trains players to push a max effort consistently through every quarter of a game.

Sets/Reps: 4x4 (two to three minutes rest between quarters)
•10-yard sprints with a 10-second rest between sprints
•20-yard sprints with a 20-second rest between sprints
•30-yard sprints with a 30-second rest between sprints
•20-yard sprint, 20-yard stride, 20-yard sprint, 20-yard stride and 20-yard sprint with a 30-second rest between
•This ends one quarter. Go again three more times.

But the major decision made was to import methods used by the All Blacks and the Irish team in Rugby to rest after effort and practises : Cryotherapy.

This seems to catch on players who feel themselves more ready than with a traditionnal method. BEar in mind that's a test, so we're still not at full pace with this. The season wil tell the story.

The team registered two new acquisitions through FA signings on the OL, to cement that OL through the undergoing transition. Here enter veteran center Lucius Roepke and veteran OT John Helsabeck. Roepke is no stranger to GM Ratajczak, as he drafted him when in Detroit. Penciled as the Ropecke is pro-bowl seasonned player who will help a lot, as noone has so far be good enough to Anchor the center spot before his arrival. Helsabeck is a veteran LT who will mentor both Marion Vargas and Dorin Nealy ; as well as being a fine Policy insurance.

So, a lot of drills and practise time is up for the new offsensive starters to get accoustomed to the playbook and develop synch and automatisms all together.

The defense for good measure has not undergone major changes. Except RE where there's still a sport to fill, all starters from last season are here.
Hopefully this year, both safeties will be healthy and play a full season.

The main point here is having enough personnel to have an evolutive defense, as they're experimenting some 3-4 looks. The team is eager to give Mbayou more playing time, wether as and ILB in 3-4 loks or as the Mike in teir base 46 D, Wiggins having reps at OLB in 46 ; as well as Ansah in 3-4 packages.

The key is giving more pressure and playing on the ball to create more turnovers.


Marquise Lee Vs Doyle Edgell :: WR#2 - Tough choice to make as both have a fantastic camp so far opposite Golden Tate. But that's not a problem according to coaches because it means that they can plys mismtaches at slots 2 and 3 without loosing a step.

Micheal Shumaker Vs Dana Pritchett :: WR#4 - Shumaker is capable veteran, but so far Pritchett is making a name for himself. He easily unstettled Shumakler at the spot 4. He can easily but in the mix for the slot ; but still needs his head up as the third WR means playing in traffic within the middle, and he has yet to prove in can when comapred to Lee or Edgell.

Mykhael Williams Vs Chris Cook :: CB#2 - Cook is up in years and last season his lack of agility proved costly, particulary against the Eagles. He may be time for Williams to shine. Cook may end up playing the nickel ; but also FS where he might be a better fit for the D schèmes.


QB - Will Wright
HB - PAtrick Fletcher
FB - Connor Jean (*)
WRs - Golden Tate / MArquise Lee (*)
TE - Fendi Onobun
OL from LT to RT - MArion Vargas (**) / Russell Perez / Lucius Roepcke / Barett Jones / Dorin Nealy (*)

DL from RE to LE - Other than current / Yan Tjung / Lindval Joseph / Ezekial Ansah
OLBs - Sam Powell / Dexter DAvis / Andre Wiggins / Ezkial Ansah (according formation)
ML - Andre Wiggins / Akera Mbayou
CBs - Jubal Anderson / Mykhael Williams
FS - Kenny Vacaro
SS - Adrain Adams

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In what was a long silence from the flashes and sounds of a press room, Redskins GM Ratajczak just held one shortly after the draft ended to adress what the teams has been doing since the sorrowful loss to Philly in the playoffs. It was a "no surrender" interview in which he gladly answered all the questions rocketed by the press present this day.


"Obviously, we need to find something to win against the Eagles. They seem to have our number quite well. Other point : we need to take care of winnable games : not to dismiss the eprformances by our opponents, but we must not loose to the Lions, Patriots and Rams last. We laid an ostrich egg that costed us a bye and a top seed in the playoffs. Not that we would have won the game, but I prefer resting a bit rather than trying to catch my breath comes january."

The team finished 10-06 with the a beasty pass offense (3rd overall) and a respectable - by design - rush offense, producing the best scoring unit in RZL (1st).
The defense stawise is not so good, being last in yards allowed by air, and 3rd bottom in yards allowed by ground. This said, in TO the team was 7 with 22 Ints, 7 FR ; good for 3rd in net TO. And this despite a low sack stat with 35 ! The redzonedefense is just average, but the team is 7th in points scored by the defense with 23 points.


"On offense - the GM explained - the whole organisation named QB Will Wright as the offensi MVP, CB Jubal Anderson as the Defense MVP and HB Darius Marshall as ST one.
They each in their own moments won game for us and were decisive all season long. That was an honor to decorate them as MVP"

Will Wright has surpassed the 4K yards mark for the third time, but above all posted a fantastic 36/8 TDs/Ints ratio, despite throwing 70+ more times than his previous highest season attempts.
Anderson had his best season as a pro , posting 83 tackles and 22 delfections , and had 1 FF, 1 FR and 6 Ints of which 2 were returned for scores.
Marshall put as ST returner half throught the season, helped kicking to life a facet of the game more dead than alive. In this he could bolster 1110+ yards in 50 attempts, and 2 TDS.


But the 2023 season was quickly put aside, as the first real burning questions were about the coaches. the DC area and Redskins fans were quite surprised when at the start of the offseason, despite good results, all coaches were fired or dismissed. What the hell happened ?? was the main question.

"Well : I was not pleased with how our defense statwise played : we have to do better for sacks and yards allowed. So I challenged both Shawn Springs and Chris Mcallister on this, proposing to include incentives about defensive performances. They were not pleased, and quite voicing their displeasure. Both asked out of DC, and I abade by their demand. So I just fired them so that they could keep a part of their income while being audtionned by others teams. So, for some money, they are still paid by DC.
But I tend to be too much generous at times, and that was it, because shortly after they were out of DC, they signed both in the hour with the Lions (what a surprise !!! - irony in the tone-) for Springs, and with Baltimore for McAllister ! Both guys were already in talks for being hired there before I got to speak to them about my incentives. I hope I don't cross them in the Streets anywhere in the world, of they will know how I punch !
Well, the next step was the OC Petitgout and ST coach Ligashesky voicing their displeasure. To cut short this blackmail of sort, I decided to fire them. So we needed to find 4 coaches with good spirit and desire the hold the fort. Now as new Washington Redskins coaches, I am pleased to annouce that we hired as followed :

- Pried from the Saints where he was an OC : Gary Kubiak as our new HC
- From an away stint, we signed Jim Haslett as our new DC
- Dominic McNabb (twin brother of Donovan Macnabb) as our new OC : he made strides in the CFL, and we're quite happy to have him try his Canadian tricks here.
- and as ST coach, Jerry Rosburg"


"We had our kicker reinking for 3 years : that's a good point because Gary (Teed) was very accurate and reliable for us.
Our other signing was tagginf RT Quinn James. This tag as you now know, was made for us to trade him. Whatever you may say about the trading of him, I tell you : I would do it again if necessary. Quinn was asking much more than we could afford. We surely could have cut Shannon Boatman you might say, but the problem would have been planted again next year, aside with the resigning of Will Wright. Quinn knew this, and that a Franchise would better stick with its Franchise QB than his RT. Quinn was one of a kind, with his age and all, the safest bet is having cap space for Will and the drafting of the next RT.
You als know that in a same spirited move, we traded WR Jackson Manning alongside Quinn. Manning was getting up in years and in money. His trade value was at the best now. So we just pulled the trigger."

All in all, the Skins had two trades before draft and UFA moves where they signed no one to maintain cap room. The GM told us that he prefered to focus on the draft and be steady with the cap till he agrees to terms with will Wright.
The trades are :

Trade #1 : Redskins send Redskins 3rd for Miami WR doyle Edgell. Edgell is on his last legs, but his a sure threat and nice tutor for the draftees ; and that was basically the plan.

Trade #2 : Redskins send RT Quinn James and WR Jackson Manning to the Titans for Bills 1st, Titans and Bills 2nd.

Those moves can puzzle, because they could have avoided trading for Edgell and keep Manning when you look at the cap figures.
But according to insiders, the team was also disppointed with Manning route running, and wanted to add a crisp route runner. Edgell is just an experienced safety blanket, and Manning was the factor to get another first to have a shot at a first round WR prospect. You don't get that often a guy like Manning sizewise, but in the offense DC will play, they opted for route running more than physical tools (see draft repot).


1.22 :: OT Dorin Nealy
""Nealy is not as skilled physically as the other top prospect ; but he's not that far. We liked his blance at PBK and RBK. Camp and practises will hlp him be more agile to the standards we look for at RT, as he's billed to play RT. STR will also be a work at conditionning. We have a total faith he'll get the job done from day 1."

1.26 :: WR Marquise Lee
Marquise is what we traded Manning for. A skilled route runner and already great hands. We only had Watkins atop of him in the board ; so we're quite happy he fell our lap. We play right out the #2 WR.

2.16 :: FB Connor Jean
Connor was our top priority in the second round. In a low talent draft class, other GM tend to draft sexy position, and we knew the only valuable FB would fall to us. He's a special talent who can block, run and catch. He will greatly helped Nealy on pass downs.

2.22 :: WR Dana Pritchett
Dana is another WR we look forward to see in pads and be groomed. HE reminds me a lot of Golden Tate when I drafted him in Detroit. I think the sky's the limit for him. He's not quick offhis first step, but he'll burn more than one CB who will underestimate him.

2.26 :: HB Patrick Fletcher
Patrick is officialy our starting HB. He needs to improve his CAR and BTK, but aht will come with practise. We loves his AGI, and that what we sought when we drafted him. He's not a burner but lighfooted, and in our offense that's the best skill to have.

4.22 :: QB Jim Forbes
"Jim is also a project player, and that was taking value in this fourth. We need competition as the second QB spot, and Jim brings great College experience to battle with still raw Osweiler."

5.03 :: LOLB Christian Kirksey
"That's depth pick with high value in the round. He can learn Under Dexter Davis, and should things pan well, he may take the starter sport within seasons. Needs to improve his STR though."

5.22 :: HB Robert Hansen
"That's depth pick with some upside, as of now as a return specialist."

6.22 :: C Kevin Smith
Kevin is a nice gamble this late in the draft, because with good skew he may end up our starter. We like his skills, and don't be afraid of his short size (6'1"), he's a nasty Kasey Wiegmann type of center".

[ For our own review, click here.


This ends this first part of this training camp writing. There are some signings to do, and rumors are the Redskins are still intalks for trades.
Camp activities have just began, and look forward in our next part to having great insight.
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At A Glance

GM O_Ratajczak
Head Coach Gary Kubiak
Offensive Coordinator Do.McNabb
Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett
Special Teams Jerry Rosburg
Salary $176.46M
Cap Penalty $10.96M
Cap Room $11.91M


NFC East
#8 Eagles Eagles 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#15 Cowboys Cowboys 9-7-0 0.56 4-2
#11 Redskins Redskins 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Giants Giants 6-10-0 0.38 1-5

1 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 17-20
2 Sun at Saints Saints #4
Won 21-12
3 Sun vs Giants Giants #27
Won 37-17
4 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Won 30-23
5 Sun at Giants Giants #27
Won 20-17
6 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Won 27-20
7 Sun at Browns Browns #22
Lost 22-23
8 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10
Won 38-14
10 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #19
Lost 35-39
11 Sun at Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 27-36
12 Thu at Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 19-31
13 Mon vs Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 20-22
14 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #14
Won 16-3
15 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 3-27
16 Sat vs Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 12-13
17 Sun at Steelers Steelers #25
Won 33-17

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