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Raider 2020 Training Camp Special
The 2019 Season saw the best season from the Raiders under the guidance of GM Gary Hickman., with a 9-7 record and an appearance in the playoffs, with a 17-13 loss in the wild-card round to divisional rival the San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders made a few cuts, and all were to older players on the decline in their respective careers. DT Dan Davis was cut due to the addition of Ndamukong Suh. Cliff Avril was let go to make room for Luis August and Andrew Bain was let go to make room for recent draftee Matt O'Brien.

The Raiders were again vacant in the pre-draft UFA period. There were more active after the draft sending a bunch of offers out but only were able to land HB Brett Price who will be a KR/PR and backup HB.

The Raiders made several trades, bringing in DT Ndamukong Suh for the Raiders 1st & 3rd round selections. Also acquired was Dez Bryant & a fifth for a 2nd & 4th round picks. The Raiders also made a huge blockbuster of a trade shipping out QB Adrian MacPherson with a 2nd round pick in the 2021 draft for QB Lou Bishop, CB Jimmy Smith & ROLB Luis August.

After all the wheeling & dealing the Raiders were only left with a few late round picks, and they selected:

5.16 WR Ricky Chang
5.23 CB Cliff Harris
6.23 TE Mike Fernandez
7.23 LG Matt O'Brien

All players selected, except Harris who was not signed, will most likely be backups.

Sophmore Return Specialist Jeffrey Demps is training further to improve his agility a bit more. DE Hector Auwai will be working hard on his front end speed, to help him in advancing to the QB. He will be working with WR Marcus McKnight and the recently acquired CB Jimmy Smith as well, on the speed drills the coaching staff has setup for the team. RT Quentin Booth will be spending most of his workout time doing strengthening exercises, as he is tired of the journalists nagging on his lack of strength.

There will not be too many positional battles at this years training camp, as most positions are basically already locked in. Most of the issues the coaches will have have will be placement of the backups after the starters. There will be a battle between the top 3 wide receivers to see which spot each will take, and i don't expect any to back down. Also look to see Ronald Long make a good push for Bryan Bulaga's spot this preseason. The depth at MLB will make for an interesting camp but look for Juan Patterson to come out ahead.

The Raiders were happy with their progress last season from the season before and are looking to build on their success to keep up with the Chargers. The team feels the moves made in the offseason will improve their chances now & in the future.
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2019 Raiders Training Camp
The Oakland Raiders squeaked out an 8-8 record and were able to retain their coaching staff they compiled when GM Hickman took over the beleaguered club midway through 2017 season.

The team had no cuts as the GM felt the young team was playing well and no one with a contract needed to be relieved of it.

Yet Again the Raiders were very low key in the unrestricted free agent market, not signing any of their impending, mostly due to GM Gary Hickman falling asleep at the wheel and not from wanting to. Post draft the Raiders picked up veteran RT Ryan Kalil to stabilize a young offensive line.

A bevy of pre-draft trades were made yet again to compensate for the pre draft napping. CB Jimmie Daugherty was shipped for the eleventh pick overall from the Dallas Cowboys. In another deal with the Cowboys the Raiders traded their 3rd & 5th round picks for RT Quentin Booth. In other offensive lineman moves the Raiders shipped out a 4th round pick for OG Bryan Bulaga. CB Joe Taylor was moved out to the Packers for a 3rd round pick.

After a bunch of Draft Day wheeling's & dealings the Raiders ended up with 6 second round picks.

2.2 HB Jeffrey Demps
2.4 SS Timothy Welch
2.7 LE Hector Auwai
2.10 WR Marcus McKnight
2.16 TE Coby Fleener
2.18 LT Gus Blanton
3.10 CB Jae'won Marshall
7.16 WR Delroy Odenigboo

New drafted return Man HB Jeffrey Demps will be working on his agility to help bust some big returns. Defensive rookie Hector Auwai will be watching lots of film to help gain awareness for his transition from OLB to DE. Strong Safety Timothy Welch will also be receiving mentoring from his fellow defensive backs as he prepares for his potential starting role. WR Marcus McKinght will also be working on his speed as it's not quite up to snuff to be elite in the RZL. Coby Fleener will be working on his mental capacity by working with QB Adrian Mcpherson & studying lots of game film as he looks to take over the top spot as a Tight End.

There will be many more positional battles this training camp than last years. 3 of the spots along the offensive line are set, with battles at the LG & RT spots still to be decided. Ronald Long & recently acquired Bryan Bulaga will battle it out for the LG spot & at the RT spot veteran Ryan Kalil will battle it out with the other newcomer in Quentin Booth. The wide receiver spots will be wide open and any of the combination of the 6 pass catchers on the roster could be starters come opening day. The linebacking corps will have have a few battles as Richardson & Bryant will fight it out for the ROLB spot & it will be a three way bout for the middle linebacking spot between Patterson, Simon & Campbell. There will also be a battle at the Strong Safety spot between some youngster's, McGee & the recently drafted Welch.

The Oakland Raiders are a little worried that their influx of youth in the organization will spell growing pains and worsen their previous years record of 8-8 but GM Gary is confident that the young team can build on last year and bolster their record and hopefully slide into the playoffs.
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Raiders Camp Report

Another season is over and Raiders team is back in training camp. After 2 mesurable seasons there is alot of changes in coaching stuff and some changes in Raiders depth chart. Expecations are higher this year, we improved our offence, defence is same and we add two 1st round picks to our team.


Raiders have bad luck cause they are in one of the toguhest devisions in RZL so every game is important. Alot will depends on how good will second year QB Tim Tebow play. He had solid first season in league. He finished season with 2979yards, 14 TDs and 14 INT he completed 55.1% of passes. That was learning season and he needs to step up and show us why we picked him with 6th pick overall last year. Raiders are expecting from him to play safe and don't turn the ball over.

Tim Tebow:˝I know that Raiders have high hopes. I worked well this offseason and i'm ready to step up and be the leader of this offence. We will be in playoff this year.˝

Raiders defense in strong as allways they were in top five defences in past 3 seasons so we expect from them to preform on same level this year. Heart of this defence is still Kirk Morrison who will play alongside A.J. Hawk and rookie LB and 1st round choice this year Cliff Avril.

Kirk Morrison:˝We've showed in last years that we have great defence even if two starters left us this offseason i think that we remain on same level mybe we are even better. I think that Cliff is very good young talent with lot of upside. He is athletic freak and expect big numbers from this guy in next years. I hope that we will win at least 9 games this year

The Raiders' management believes it's is still very good team which is why they replace just three starters from previous year.

GM Luka Livojevic:˝Assuming the defense can play like past 3 years, and offense can establishe good grounding attack and try to limit mistakes, key players here will be McFadden and Tebow i believe that we will be in playoff this year.˝


Quarterback Tim Tebow. He's the starter to open the season, but he has to prove he can win games. Raiders will most likely restruct Gallery's contract that will free up to 7 M in cap room so if he won't be in form expect from Raiders to use that 7 M and bring in veteran QB for one season


We all know who that is. McFadden had break out season last year with 1438 yards, 14 TDs, 4.7 avg. pr carry and only 1 FUM. He was the only bright spot in last year's Raiders offence and he became fans hero we can just hope that he will upgrade this numbers and he will be even better this year. He is top running back in RZL.



First task in offseason was to bring in ne head coach and defenisve cordinator and they did it great. Raiders hire Marvin Lewis for HC and Mike Singelatry for DC. Both are one of the best at there position. Marvis was cuted from Bengals while Mike was cuted by Patriots. They are both determend to bring Raiders back where they belong..

HC Lewis:˝ My goal is to bring Raiders back in playoffs after three years that's why GM Livojevic bring me in and that's why i accepted this job offer. We will pass more this year on offence and blitz more on defence this is my philosophie.


Raiders cut probowler from two years back OLB Cato June who was aquired from Colts. He was schulded to make around 10 milion dollars this year which wasn't accapable by Raider management especialy cause his performeces weren't on high level anymore. Team also released veteran OG Rivera who was unhappy and didn't want to stay with this team anymore so Raiders gave him what he wanted and they didn't sign new contract. Long time Raiders punter Lechler was also unhappy and wanted out. Other players who aren't with team anymore are WR Butler,CB Carr and RT Kieft.


Raiders wanted to give QB Tebow as much targets as they can get. First choice was Reggie Williams big smart WR from Texans. GM Livojevic contacted his good friend GM Lung and asked him if Williams is tradable. First answer was no. After a day GM Lung changed his mind and called Raiders GM back and he say to him that Williams can go if Raiders will sand CB Washington back. After one day of negotiating deal was reached and Raiders sand CB Washington and 3rd round draft pick to Texans in exange for WR Williams and CB Perkins.

GM Livojevic:˝Most of the league didn't like this trade but i know why i did it. Tebow is young and he needs WRs with great awerness who can help him we also got good nickl CB in Perkins who is strong and can cover most of WRs in RZL. We also gave former 1st round pick Eric Wright opprotunity to start opposite of Asomugha.

Draft day:

Going into the draft there was posibility that QB Flacco would fall down to 5th spot but after we did personal workout with him and watched few tapes we decided that he isn't right answer for our team. We targeted OLB Cliff Avril from day cause we've seen great player in him.There were few smoke screens but nothing serious. After draft progress we were closely watching how OT Williams falling and falling and we didn't think alot and grabed first choice that came. We traded up from 2nd round and grabed Williams with 28th pick in first round. We didn't pick till 5th round. When it was time for us we picked WR Schield from Richmond who is solid athlet and will be our 4th reciver on depth chart. In 6th round we picked TE Zingler who can suprisingly win job for starting job. In 7th we picked best player avaliable DE Bishop who isn't with our team anymore he was later traded to Saints for next's year 3rd round pick.

Raiders held this year's training camp at Napa Valley Training Complex. All 46 players came healthy and but in not that good mod.There is no holdouts this season so Raiders were able to workout without a problems. As we all know players don't like training camps there is few statemens

A.J. Hawk: There is no fun in training camp of coruse i hate it you weak up at 7 AM and go to bed at 9 PM and that is it.

Kirk Morriosn: Hehe what kind of question is that? Nothing excite meabout training camp.

Kris Jenkins: Training camp isn't fun especialy not after 10 years.

Namdi Asomugha: Only excitemant about training camp is that you know the season is around the corner.

Head coach Lewis prepared some new workouts for guys.He aslo chose 3 guys who had special workouts. OT Williams,QB Tebow and HB McFadden.

HC Lewis taped 10 pounds weight on Tebow's throwing arm. He was only allowed to take them off when he was sleeping. He used them in every singel drill(7 on 7,11 on 11, precision passing,).He showed better arm strenght and precision passing so expect some improvement from him after training camps.

QB Tebow: It was funny from beggining but after a day or two i used to it and it didn't even bother me anymore i hope that i improved my arm strenght.

After every day when everybody finished with practices two guys stayed with HC Lewis and both cordinators. This two were Daren McFadden and Chris Williams. Coaching staff preapared individuals drills for both.

McFadden had five 50 yards sprints he was allowed to rest 30 seconds after each sprint and he also had time limit 4.9 seconds for each sprint. If he was slower than 4.9 he was back at the beggining. After he ran 5 sprints under 4.9 he was able to rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes he had five 40 yards sprints with time limit 4.4 seconds and again 10 minutes to rest. In final he had five 30 yards sprints with time limit 3.8 seconds.

McFadden: It was tought, but i know that i have to work hard to become leading running back in RZL .

Chris Williams knew even before training camp that he isn't one of the strongest o-linemans in league and he knew that he will have to build up abit. He worked out with defensive and offensive cordiantor he had to drag both cordinators in tractor tires around the field three times he was able to rest 5 minutes and drag them again two times and then again one time.

Williams: We are profesional players we are paid to do whatever they told us to do so i have no complains i will do whatever it takes to be in the starting lineup when regular season is here.


After what we've seen here is projecting starting line up for regular season.


QB: Tim Tebow - 2nd year guy who has to play well this season or his career might be over in Oakland.

RB: Darren McFadden - First star of the team. Alot of hopes are on him. He i a fan favorite and he can be a diference-maker

FB:John Paul Foschi - Big blocking full back who can also break some tackles

WR1: Reggie Williams - Big guy who isn't fast but is very smart,great route runner and he won't drop many passes. Big target in redzone for tebow

WR2: Robert Meachem - He is fast guy with good hands. Raiders expecting alot from him this year

TE: There is open competition for starting job betwen Anderson and rookie Zigler. Anderson is in slightly advantage beacause of his height.

LT: Robert Gallary No suprise here. He was moved back to his original postion after he spend last two ears on the right side of o-line.

LG: Another open competition betwen FA signing Marcus Johnson and Paul McQuistan. It can go to either side i think it will be game time decision in week 1.

C: Jeremy Newberry Another big o-lineman who is in last year of contract and will start his last year at C

RG: Chris Snee Another fan favourite and one of the league elite at OG position.

RT: Chris Williams Lot of teams wouldn't take a ris kand put weak OT to RT position to protect Tebow's blind side. But in training camp he was briliant and some of trainers said that he is next Joe Thomas


RE: Kenny Iwebema He is young promesing player he finished with 10 sacks last year and he is preapared to even raise this numbers

LE: Kenechi Udeze His numbers droped from previous year. We all hope that he can repeat his 2008 pro bowl season.

DT: Kris Jenkins and Jimmy Kennedy: The did well last year both are sttrong and big.Jenkins is more pass rushing DT while Kennedy is balanced DT.

LOLB: Cliff Avril Cliff easily beat Jeanty for starting job at LOLB. He is fast,strong and has big frame. He will be a start.

MLB: Kirk Morrison Defence captain, One of the best in business and he is only 28.

ROLB: A.J.Hawk Another athletic OLB who has everything to be great in this league. With Morriosn and Avril are one of the best LB corps in RZL

CB1: Namdi Asomugha Not fast but great all around CB with good knowledge of game and great hands he has 18 INTs in last 3 years.

CB2: EricWright New starter at CB position after Washington is gone. He is ready to start he is fast and hight enough to be good in RZL

FS: Sean Jones Sure tackler with ability to cover deep and help CBs.

SS: Adrian Willson He is getting older but we know that he has at least 1 year left in tank he is big hitter and will contribute in stoping the run.
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Big changes in OAK town
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Raiders To Make McFadden Top Pick
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At A Glance

GM G_Hickman
Head Coach Mike Sherman
Offensive Coordinator Tom Rathman
Defensive Coordinator Mike Trgovac
Special Teams John Bonanmego
Salary $181.7M
Cap Penalty $12.47M
Cap Room $5.16M


AFC West
#6 Chiefs Chiefs 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#13 Broncos Broncos 9-7-0 0.56 2-4
#16 Chargers Chargers 7-9-0 0.44 3-3
#29 Raiders Raiders 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun at Bengals Bengals #14
Lost 24-38
2 Sun at Colts Colts #31
Won 34-17
4 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
Won 30-13
5 Sun at Broncos Broncos #13
Lost 16-21
6 Mon at Ravens Ravens #19
Lost 3-27
7 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #16
Lost 13-16
8 Sun at Saints Saints #4
Lost 12-24
9 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 13-16
10 Sun vs Browns Browns #22
Lost 13-23
11 Sun vs Jets Jets #12
Lost 21-37
12 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #25
Won 35-28
13 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 24-41
14 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #13
Won 24-10
15 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 20-27
16 Sat vs Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 13-30
17 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 17-24

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