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Since I was not yet the GM of the Carolina Panthers, 2023 can only be talked about by the numbers. Nine wins was not good enough to make the playoffs. Actually, the Panthers have not made the playoffs in this league without winning at least 10 games. And they also haven't missed the playoffs when they win 10 games. Hope I'm not jinxing them by saying that.

The Panthers started the year with 2 wins over the Saints and Redskins who both went on to make the playoffs. Shows that they had the ability to do the same but something must have happened along the way. Maybe it was the tough schedule. Five losses to top 11 rated teams. Losses to the number 1 rated Jaguars, number 5 Saints, number 11 Bears and 2 losses to number 2 rated Falcons. After the first two games, the Panthers best win was against the number 15 Titans. Obviously the Panthers need a weaker set of opponents.

The Panthers only scored 384 points which is their worst showing in ten years. QB Matt Flynn played well with a rating over 90 and 22 TDs with only 5 interceptions. Seems like this should have won more games. Or maybe the numbers needed to be higher. 3500 passing yards isn't great, but isn't terrible. 1800 rushing yards doesn't seem bad but maybe isn't that good. Lawrence Peak had 1300 yards but and average below 4.5. He also only had 7 TDs. Most of the receivers had more drops than TDs. There were also four of them with more than 500 yards receiving. No receiver had more than 6 TD catches. The offense only turned the ball over 15 times which seems good. And 32 sacks against isn't at the bottom of the league. Maybe these numbers are only average or below. Scoring seems to be a weak point or should we say the lack of scoring. The kicker, Chris Szelist, also missed six FG attempts which is not great unless those misses are from more than 50 yards.

The defense's numbers may also be just average. Almost 363 yards allowed each game and 35% of Red Zones trips ended in touchdowns. Only 23 takeaways and 36 sacks are unimpressive stats. The defense scored only 2 touchdowns, both by CB Emilio Yang. DE Glenn O'Hara led the team with 10 sacks. No one recorded more than 68 tackles. Not one player had 10 tackles for loss. The defense did allow opposing QBs to average more than an 87 rating. This number nearly matches Flynn's rating which seems to cancel each other out.

The Panthers record in close games also is average with four wins and four losses by 7 or less. Hmmm, looks like 9-7 might be a correct result for what appears to be just an average team. Nothing was special either direction good or bad.

It certainly looks like 10 wins is the magic number and this team wasn't good enough for that. Average seems to say it all for the Panthers in 2023.
Time to move forward.


My first move after taking over the GM duties was to send a 3rd round pick to Cleveland for RE Kevin Holbrook. Having watched the Ravens for a few seasons, Holbrook is a player they would use at end. I don't see enough in the linebackers that I like to go with the 3-4 that Carolina used last year.

Next was choosing which potential free agents of ours that I wanted to keep. Emilio Yang had a good year but I thought he was past his prime. The thoughts were the same for MLB Clay Matthews. So neither received an offer. SS Todd Brooks is who I chose to keep. He was nearly the leading tackler last year and a likely starter this season.

Free agency saw me offer contracts to 6 players. We signed QB Julio Torres who is 31 but has a good arm to throw to our fast WRs. LT Isai Quick should replace Silas Hurst. Quick's quickness we hope will make up for his lack of strength. Hurst had let up 12 sacks and I suspect many were do to his lack of quickness. LBs Harry Morris and former Panther Arthur Moats were signed to create depth that I feel more comfortable starting if needed than any others in our price range.

Next up was the draft. I had little hope of any of the top four or five CBs falling to pick 20. Deciding that WR Roger Mason's speed would help us more than anyone else that was available, we were happy he was there for us at that pick. Mason had the best speed of any WR in this class and he also came with very good jump and agility for his good 6'1" height. I think he fell because he may need someone to draw him pictures of where to run after they point him in the right direction. Hopefully he won't drop any balls by overthinking what he should do.

Our 2nd round pick found CB Jason Verrett from TCU. Good speed and ACC and AGI and an excellent vertical, Verrett may have been targeted by everyone with the top ten picks if he came in an adult size. I believe we scored here because his AWR is very good to start and can makeup for his shortness. He will definitely be instructed to follow and learn from both Janoris Jenkins and Kyle Wilson on how to be successful in the BIG, bad RZL as a CB with height issues.

With our third round pick already traded, our 4th round choice was Onterrio Warren out of Indiana. His choosing has only complicated our safety situation instead of giving us a clear starter. Since I wasn't sure either of our returning FSs were a definite starter, Warren comes in and ends up having attributes better and worse than Poole or Jefferson. Think I'm going to just flip a coin unless someone will trade for one of them.

Pick 5 was TE Martin Redman from USC. He's not the fastest TE but he is an upgrade to our current backup TE. He seems good enough to start and he does pass block better than the other 2. Backing up Eifert should be his role.

In the sixth round, we went with DT Grant Vickers from Florida. I figured he would satisfy the roster needs since I was getting trade offers for DT Winn. Alas, those offers disappeared and Vickers may or may not be with us at the start of the season.

Our last pick ended up being a DE that wasn't going to make it over any of the four we already are paying. I didn't even give him the correct directions to training camp.

A necessary move to cut WR Brad Ekwerekru allowed us to sign all the draftees and give us room to go after other free agents. A minor trade with the Packers gave us Derek Dray who is a better backup CB than Peter Jackson. The big trade started because I would need room for the player in another trade which that GM backed out of after he offered it. The Panthers are paying four players more than 10 million dollars this year and a fragile, 36 year old QB was the most likely one to trade. Guess that happens but then as I was rethinking trading QB Matt Flynn, the Bengals made the announcement and I thought it may be for the best anyhow. So we clear major cap space and get HB Cyrus Gray and QB Billy Nicol. Nicol is not as good as Flynn but more durable and I liked Gray to back up Peak much more than who we sent. I'll feel a whole lot better about this trade if Flynn gets hurt and doesn't lead the Bengals to the playoffs (not trying to jinx him) especially if we don't get there.

Next round of free agency found us trying to get two. RE Carlos Dunlap and HB Deshawn Sicky. After carefully figuring out how much money each would cost and if we could free up that amount, We went after them and luckily got both. We are very happy now. Dunlap will either start at end or backup both ends and outside linebacker positions. Having seen the Ravens use Conner Barwin this way, Dunlap's 6'6" size would be fun to see swatting away passes in the flats and he has the speed to still blitz. Sicky has been an elite KR for many seasons and hopefully will continue being that good. He's averaged 3 TDs per year as a KR and not a bad average as a PR. He has lost a step but I'm confident he will be great. The only question is how many times he's fumbled? As a rusher, he lost the ball once every 27-28 carries. I don't know if catch or carry determines the fumble chance on kick returning and neither does anyone else I've asked. Still, getting Sicky I believe is a big improvement for our Special Teams. Very Happy.


Training camp is where we hope to get our players prepared for the season physically. Lots of running to improve their wind and stamina. Lots of weight training to make them stronger. How about ballet training to improve their balance and agility? Maybe even some martial arts training to help improve their quickness and focus. This mediocre team can use improvement in any and all possible places. We hope our training camp will be a step up from what the rookies have seen before since their improvement will help our team for a longer period of time than some of the more veteran players. I suppose we should take it slightly easier on the older players. We can save money on having fewer paramedics around to revive them. I think having the vets tutor the younger players and imparting some of their knowledge would definitely help our team as a whole but probably won't happen if forced . I can see some not liking the idea of helping someone take their own job away from them. Since I have no experience of going through a training camp of this level, I have to hope my coaching staff knows what they are doing. Do your best Mr. Manning.

I can see that an increase of speed or acceleration would help out players at HB, WR, CB, S and LB. This includes rookies Roger Mason and Jason Verrett and even Onterrio Warren. We'd get more out of increases to players who will be starting like WR Justin Hunter, CB Janoris Jenkins, HB Lawrence Peak, LOLB Arthur Brown, and TE Tyler Eifert. The strength training would help out our LBs, as well as both the offensive linemen and the defensive linemen. Starters and younger players like RE Jonathan Hankins, LT Larry Warford, LG Jonathan Cooper, C Carey Aguiar, LG Gabe Jackson, C John Flores, RE Kevin Holbrook, and LE Jamison Matson. Can't wait to see who benefits the most at the end of this training camp.

I'm sure that many of the starting positions have sorted themselves out based on ability and smarts. Of coarse, some starters haven't been decided on yet. As I mentioned before it might take a coin toss to get a winner at FS. The rookie Warren is faster and stronger and can jump higher than the other two. His catching ability is as good as either also. Poole is more aware and the best tackler of the three. Jefferson may be the most balanced having attributes in between the others except for better agility and acceleration but is the worst tackler. Going to need at least a coin with two sides if not three.

The offensive line will probably see a few players playing out of position. I can see all three players listed at LG see starting somewhere on the line. Might even change depending on which set of plays we may use against various teams.

Maybe the biggest decision is how to use Carlos Dunlap. I think he would be great at either DE spot. The idea of him playing at linebacker has me smiling too. Too bad "Multiplicity" was a fictional movie. Don't believe I'd be disappointed having two or maybe even three of him. Heh Heh Heh.

Looking over the roster, it looks like the starting QB job may be in question. Nicol has the bigger arm as well as more awareness. Torres was the starter in my head even before the Flynn trade. Seems like it's pretty much universally thought that QBs with speed over 65 will run more and not be able to sustain success so maybe a regular coin will only be needed here.


Last season the GMs both used the 3-4 for their defense. I'm thinking a 4-3 set may be better and since it's my call, I guess that's what we're going to try. Now on offense, those same GMs had some success with a couple different approaches. Heavy passing and then heavy running. Looks like lots of game planning in my future or maybe just lots of guessing.

I think our schedule will consist of coarse two games against the Falcons, Saints, and Bucs. We should be facing the Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, and Chiefs. We should also play the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins and Giants. Lastly I think we'll go up against the Cardinals and Lions. Based on last year, not the toughest schedule in the league.

I'm hoping that our CBs will step up and come close to putting up the numbers Yang did. Verrett should benefit from not being expected to start right away and gain experience as the nickel CB. The defensive line should be able to put more pressure on opposing QBs since we'll have four instead of three. Maybe they can even clog up the run inside more. The switch on defense will leave the linebackers short. Their speed should allow them to nearly cover the ground that the four of them did last year. I predict our defensive numbers will improve over last year. If the line can do what I hope, we should be able to know that our opponents will be passing more in the second half of the game and therefore be able to stop that better.

The special teams return the same kickers but Sicky should be an improvement all by himself. I mean all the KRs the Panthers have used in the first 18 seasons here scored only 16 times. Sicky has 24 in only 8 years. Can't wait to see him go.

The offense may see lesser numbers than what Flynn put up percentage-wise. Twenty two TDs against 5 interceptions is impressive. Very impressive. But ONLY 22 TDs. I can see our WRs using their speed to run under the bombs either Nicol or Torres will throw. Maybe I can find another improvement to the offensive line to help Peak and Gray and Sicky see bigger holes to run through. I think Peak has the ability to be a great HB and maybe the defenses will be more worried about the speed of our WRs.
That may give Peak the chance to break more big runs. He only had four games with runs longer than 23 yards. This should mean he will score more than 7 TDs.

Having no previous experience here, I can only mostly guess what will happen. So here is my optimistic guessing. Against my division, I'm hoping for 3-3. I'm told this division is historically one of the toughest so hope is all I have. Our games against the AFC West, I think we can win three. This leaves six games back in the NFC. Two of them were playoff teams and we were close, having the last non playoff draft pick position. If history stays true, I think we win 10 games which may mean playoffs. Yea!
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2022 Carolina Panthers Training Camp

New GM, New Era.

Friday, March 8th, 2022

Panthers Begin New Era with New Man in Charge::

It is not often that 2 Super Bowl winning GM’s are looking for a change of scenery. Which makes it even less often that 2 Super Bowl winning GM’s would swap teams. But this is exactly what happened at the end of the 2021 season when GM’s John Stanley and Keith Van Wagner swapped the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers. KVW approached Stanley with the idea shortly after both teams were eliminated from playoff contention. After much discussions back and forth, the move was agreed upon between the two men, and the swap was official. Both GM’s were looking for a new challenge. KVW wanted a chance to GM his favorite team, while Stanley wanted a chance, for the first time, to compete in a division with the likes of AF, Kevin and Trevor. The swap should prove an interesting storyline to follow throughout the year and in the future, as both GM’s hope to find similar success with their new teams, that they found with their old teams.

Key Additions::
DT Fransisco Gerard (Trade)
WR Brad Ekwerekwu (Trade)
LOLB Rosario Garza (Trade)
QB Andre Boone (Trade)
MLB Jesse Prince (Trade)
HB Lawrence Peak (Trade)
RT Shelley Smith (Free Agency)
HB Delone Carter (Free Agency)

Key Losses::
HB Quinton Bowlinger (Trade)
QB Blaine Gabbert (Trade)
RT Thaddeus Coleman (Release)
ROLB Eduardo Duffy (Trade)


1.21 -- WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee
The Panthers were pretty happy to find Hunter still available at pick 21. The Panthers had him rated as their 2nd rated WR just behind Keenan Allen who went Top 10 to the Saints. Hunter has everything you look for in a WR, with size (6’4”), speed (92) and strength (60). Hunter fills one of the biggest needs on the roster for Carolina, and figures to slot in day one as a starter opposite Randy Richardson. Hunter compares pretty favorably to WR such as Julio Jones and A.J. Green who have had great success in the league, although he is a little less polished coming out.

2.9 -- DT/DE Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State
The Panthers were in a bit of a predicament entering draft day. Should they play the 3-4 or 4-3? That question was answered when they were able to bring in Francesco Gerard from Dallas to man the nose in the 3-4, like he had for GM Stanley in Dallas. Now Carolina just had to build around him. Glenn O’Hara was moved from RE to LE, leaving the only other spot open on the DLine at RE. At 2.9, the Panthers felt they got a steal, a Top 20 talent in the 2nd round. Hankins will start at RE from day one and be a force next to Gerard and O’Hara. Hankins compares to past draft picks like Marcell Dareus and Michael Brockers who have played very well in the league.

2.16 -- LOLB Arthur Brown, Kansas State
After selecting Hankins, the next order of business for the Panthers was to fill out the front seven. The DLine was already set and with the offseason additions of Rosario Garza and Jesse Prince to go along with Bruce Carter, the Panthers needed to add one more LB to solidify the front seven. Brown is an athletic LB who will prove youth in the front seven. He can get sideline to sideline, and while he isn’t overly big or strong, he gets the job done in both departments. The Panthers thinks he compares favorably to Lavonte David, a draft pick of GM Stanley in Dallas, and a player they really liked in the 3-4.

2.17 -- TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame
With most of their needs settled across the board, the Panthers went ahead and selected their TE for the next decade in Tyler Eifert. Eifert has everything you look for with a TE. He has the size, athleticism and blocking ability to affect the game in both the run and passing games. He is simply another added weapon for the quarterbacks, whether it be Stanton or Boone, to throw to here in Carolina for a long time.

3.3 -- LT Larry Warford, Kentucky
Coming out as an OG, the Panthers see Warford as an OT at the RZL level. Warford is man with great size and is also surprisingly nimble. Coming out of Kentucky, Warford is a polished and ready to start from day one. At the moment, it is undecided whether or not Warford will start at LT or RT. The Panthers see Warford as a similar player to Cowboys RT Anthony Davis who has manned the right side in Dallas for half a decade.

3.23 -- DL Sylvester Williams, North Carolina
In the 3rd Round, the Panthers liked the value that they got with Sly Williams. Williams is a player that with his size could be a backup NT in the 3-4, but with his athleticism can also slide out to backup at RE as well. With the transition to a new defensive scheme, the versatility that someone like Williams could provide was too much to pass up at this point.

4.11 -- SS Shawn Williams, Georgia
Here in the 4th round, the Panthers liked the value that Shawn Williams brought to the table. Williams, while not exceptional at anything, is a very good all around player. He has good size, and solid athleticism across the board. With Mike Mitchell getting up in age at FS, and a declining skillset, Williams could provide some much needed youth to the safety position and could push Mitchell for the starting spot right away.

4.15 -- LG Gabe Jackson, Missouri
Gabe Jackson was a value pick here in the 4th round and someone that can provide much needed OL depth right out of the gate. Jackson is actually pretty similar to Larry Warford whom the Panthers drafted a round and a half earlier then Jackson. While Warford is moving to OT, the plan for Jackson is to remain at OG and eventually challenge for a starting OG spot down the line.

6.13 -- FS Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma
Much like Williams a few rounds earlier, the Panthers saw an opportunity to add some youth here to the safety position. Jefferson, along with Williams will help push the current starting safeties, and could each challenge for the starting FS spot right away. Jefferson benefited from a good skew, so he could prove to be a nice find here in round 6.

These are projections and much may change before the Preseason. To view the official team depth chart, click HERE.

Starting QB
QB Drew Stanton VS QB Andre Boone
It has been rare in GM Stanley’s run in RZL to have any controversy surrounding the QB position entering Training Camp, but in his first year in Carolina that is just what there is. Stanton has been a legend in Carolina in his time with the franchise and was surprised everyone include Stanley by returning for another season. Boone was brought along with Stanley from Dallas, and was thought to be in line to take over as Carolina’s franchise QB, but Stanton’s return complicated things. Either way, the Panthers are in a good situation entering the season, but the feeling here is that Stanton will get one last shot to make a run after making the surprise return.
Projected Winner:: QB Drew Stanton

#2 WR
WR Brad Ekwerekwu VS WR Justin Hunter
This battle will be an interesting one to watch in camp. Hunter was the team’s 1st round draft choice and is thought to be a future star at the position. Ekwerekwu, on the other hand, is on the opposite side of his career, and was acquired for a mid-round draft choice to provide depth and be a solid #2/3 WR. The feeling here is that Hunter will start opposite Richardson with Ekwerekwu in the slot, but things could change throughout the season if Hunter underperforms early on.
Projected Winner:: WR Justin Hunter

Starting Right Tackle
LT Larry Warford VS RT Shelley Smith
If there is one place the Panthers regret not doing more about during the offseason it would be along the offensive line. The interior offensive line is very good, but on the edge, the tackles leave much to be desired. Incumbent LT Silas Hurt is heavy footed and isn’t the type of offensive lineman that Stanley usually desires, but he figures to remain the starter for at least another season. On the right side, it leaves two players who are talented but not quite developed. The Panthers feel they got a steal in the draft with Warford and a steal in Free Agency with Smith, but they still aren’t overly confident in either’s ability to man the much important right side of their offensive line. This battle will be interesting to watch.
Projected Winner:: LT Larry Warford

2022 Projected Depth Chart::
KEY = 2021 Pro Bowler | Returning Starter | New Starter | Rookie

CB Emilio Yang | FS Shawn Williams | SS Todd Brooks | CB Kyle Wilson
ROLB Rosario Garza | MLB Bruce Carter | MLB Jesse Prince | LOLB Arthur Brown
RE Jonathan Hankins | NT Francisco Gerard | LE Glenn O’Hara

LT Silas Hurst | LG Jonathan Cooper | C Casey Aguiar | RG Jon Cooper | RT Larry Warford
WR Justin Hunter | WR Randy Richardson | TE Tyler Eifert| WR Brad Ekwerekwu
HB Lawrence Peak | QB Drew Stanton | FB Billy Beastman

K Chris Szelist | P Jess Schrider | KR Delone Carter

Special Thanks to everyone who attended this year!

WR Justin Hunter | +1SPD (93) | +1ACC (93)
LOLB Arthur Brown | +1SPD (88) | +1ACC (87)
RE Jonathan Hankins | +1STR (94)

The man goal of Training Camp this year was to get faster, stronger and quicker on both sides of the ball. We focused on improving our rookies this year, in order to give them even better ability as they transition from college to the RZL. Our first participant is Justin Hunter who we gave +1SPD and +1ACC. We hope to continue to give him SPD and ACC as he grows as a player, and we feel if we do this, he can without a doubt become an elite, top flight WR in this league. Our next participant was Arthur Brown, the rookie LB. We gave Brown +1SPD and +1ACC. As an OLB, we feel Brown is already an athletic freak but we wanted to build upon that and hopefully make him a terror on the outside of our 3-4. Eventually we hope to get Brown into that 90SPD/90ACC range where he can be an absolute force off the edge rushing the passer, but where he can also have the ability to drop into coverage as well as a safety can. Our last participant was Jonathan Hankins the big defensive lineman. We added +1STR to him. We feel he can be a dominant player at RE in the 34, and adding this STR just makes him that much better. Playing alongside stud veterans like Gerard and O’Hara and in front of 4 great LB should make him even better in the long run.

Thanks for reading this year!

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Rumors Swirl That Van Wagner May Be Out In Carolina
Unconfirmed reports suggest that GM Keith Van Wagner, who has run the Carolina Panthers since 2009 may be on his way out of Charlotte. Team officials have refused comment, but sources close to the team indicate Van Wagner is not in the team's long-term plans.
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Stanton To Make Last Start of His Career
Today the Carolina Panthers announced that QB Drew Stanton would start the season finale against the Jets, in what is believed to be the future Hall of Famer's last game.

The Panthers are 6-9 on the year and seem much more than a year removed from their Super Bowl victory last season. Drew Stanton, the league's all-time leader in passing yards, started the season as the team's number one quarterback, but gave way to they younger Blaine Gabbert in week 9 after Stanton was unable to re-capture his former prowess.

This season has been quite difficult for the 36 year old Stanton, in his 15th campaign, and easily his worst. Stanton on the year has completed under 50% of his passes and has twice as many interceptions as TDs on the year.

The Panthers have decided to start Stanton in the final game of the season as a tribute to his enduring mark on the team and the game. Stanton is expected to retire at the end of the season and has amassed over 51,000 yards passing and thrown for 372 touchdowns in his illustrious career.
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Panthers Unveil 'Ring of Honor' and Inaugural Members
In the wake of the Carolina Panthers' first World Championship, the team is pleased to announce the creation of its Ring of Honor. The Ring of Honor is designed to celebrate the careers of those Panther players who have made outstanding contributions to the organization and its success.

General Manager Keith Van Wagner has selected four former players to be included in the Ring of Honor's inaugural class.

The initial inductees into the Carolina Panthers Ring of Honor are:

WR Jason Hill

Drafted 27th overall in 2007...Hill played 14 seasons as a Panther...Amassed 1,008 career receptions, 17,183 yards, 17.1 yards per reception, and 128 touchdowns...Retired as 2nd all-time in RZL history in receptions, yards and touchdowns....One of only two players to ever catch more than 1,000 passes in a career...Caught 10 or more touchdowns in nine straight seasons...In 18 playoff games, caught 102 passes for 1,601 yards and 14 TDs...Set a team record with 15 receptions in a game in 2007...Had a personal best 285 yards receiving in 2015...Holds all Panther rookie receiving records with 94 rec, 1,461 yards and 8 TDs...Lead all rookie WRs in 2007…94 receptions as a rookie ranks fifth all-time…Had 71 career 100-plus receiving games…Pro Bowler in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015.

HB Steve Slaton

Drafted 18th overall in 2008...Slaton played 10 seasons as a Panther...Ran for 12,096 yards on 2,640 carries, 4.6 average and scored 76 touchdowns...Retired as 2nd all-time RZL history in rushing yards and fourth in touchdowns...Currently ranked 4th all-time in rushing and carries and eighth in touchdowns...Rushed for over 1,000 yards in eight of his first nine seasons...Appeared in 12 playoff games, rushing for 831 yards and 5 touchdowns with a 4.7 average...Caught 115 career passes for 1,291 yards and 6 touchdown catches...Awarded Best Running Back in RZL in 2012...Has the top 5 single game rushing performances in team history…Scored 5 touchdowns in a single game in 2012…Holds all Panther rookie rushing records with 316 attempts, 1,319 yards and 10 touchdowns…Lead all rookie RBs in 2008…Had 37 career 100-plus rushing games…Pro Bowler in 2011 and 2012.

MLB Rey Maualuga

Drafted 11th overall in 2009…Maualuga played 10 seasons as a Panther…Recorded 956 tackles, 102 tackles for loss, 10 sacks 6 fumble recoveries and 22 interceptions…Had over 100 tackles in six seasons…Retired as 6th all-time in RZL history in tackles…Lead RZL in tackles during the span of his career (2009-2018)…Currently ranked 9th overall all-time in tackles...In 14 playoff games recorded 90 tackles…22 career interceptions ranks 8th all-time for MLBs…Panther rookie record 91 tackles in 1009….Holds Panther single-game record of 13 tackles in a game (four times)…Ranks 4th all-time in interceptions by Panthers…Had 14 career 10-plus tackle games…Pro Bowler in 2011 and 2012.

CB Richard Marshall

Drafted 58th overall in 2006…Marshall played 11 seasons as a Panther…Recorded 43 interceptions, 733 tackles, 227 deflections in his career…Retired as 2nd all-time in RZL history in interceptions…Currently tied for 4th all-time in interceptions…Lead the league in interceptions in 2013 with 9…Second overall in interceptions during the span of his career (2006-2017)…Ranks 16th all-time in pass deflections…Ranks 3rd all-time in tackles for a Defensive Back…Recorded 4 playoff interceptions…Pro Bowler in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM C_Hansen
Head Coach Mike Zimmer
Offensive Coordinator L.Mankins
Defensive Coordinator Lemar Marshall
Special Teams Pepper Johnson
Salary $193.29M
Cap Penalty $5.38M
Cap Room $660K


NFC South
#1 Buccaneers Buccaneers 12-4-0 0.75 4-2
#4 Saints Saints 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#5 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 1-5
#10 Panthers Panthers 9-7-0 0.56 3-3

1 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 17-19
2 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #13
Lost 34-41
3 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Won 25-15
4 Sun at Giants Giants #27
Won 24-10
5 Sun vs Saints Saints #4
Lost 17-23
6 Sun at Falcons Falcons #5
Won 24-14
8 Sun at Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 14-38
9 Mon vs Cowboys Cowboys #15
Won 38-13
10 Sun at Lions Lions #18
Lost 20-23
11 Mon at Saints Saints #4
Won 9-7
12 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #8
Won 20-19
13 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 24-34
14 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
Won 21-10
15 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 41-38
16 Sat at Raiders Raiders #29
Won 30-13
17 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 13-20

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