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Miami GM Stepping down From Red zone at Seasons End.
At The End Dolphins Season I will be Leaving RZL
as some of know my Mom has been very sick

She had a Stroke and is Palatalized from Legs down .
I may be forced to put her in a Long Term Care Retirement Home.
Dealing with her Estate and Selling the Family home
This should pay for her long term care
Rapping up her affairs will take at least 6 months .

I will Finish out this season in RZL and Step Down .
I will Stay with GZL Lions And focus on Them.
as I only time for 1 Madden league for a while.

I wish thank The Staff at RZL for years of Enjoyment .

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Phins add a QB

GM Tom Riddell has Traded the Phins 5th Round Pick to Cardinals
In Return The Pins get QB Colin Porter
Porter is Drop back passer and fit right in

Porter will be The backup to New Starter Percy McFarland
This gives the phins 3 QB to finish the Season
Porter was drafted by Cardinals 2015 draft in the 3rd round

Rumors are he's been unhappy in Arizona for past 2 seasons
He now get a chance to back up in Miami to finish his carrier.
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The McFarland Era Begins in Miami

GM Tom Riddell has Trades QB Erick Stubbs to Tampa
In Return The Pins get a 3rd round pick & QB Lou Bishop
Bishop will sent to Settle for Tampa's 2nd Round Pick

This give the phins Lot Draft picks for 2025 Draft.
2 2nd round pick 1 3rd Rounder 2 4th & 5th Rounds
Plus 6 and 7th round

With very little chance of Playoffs this year.
The Phins Decided to Send the ageing Stubb to playoff Team
to Start the Percy McFarland Era in Miami
Build For next year.
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Miami Quarterbacks The Field Generals.

Head Coach Shawn Payton
Introduces the The Field Generals his QB

QB Tyler Bray takes Snaps on the scout Team

QB Eric Stubs 97 Over age 33(the Starter)
Eric is in 2nd year in Miami after taking the Team to playoff last year
Stubs threw more pass then any time in his carrer in 2023
He also thew 32 TD passes

AWR 91 THP 95 THA 99

QB Percy McFarland 76 over age 24 (Backup & Star of Future)
Drafted in 2021 Draft cause of Cannon arm 95 THP
He was 4th String QB in Miami when GM Riddell took over

Now he's the Backup and Future starter
Percy was sent to Training camp to work THA
as It felt he needs to improve it soon as Stubs only few years left.

AWR 73 THP 95 THA 76

QB Tyler Bray (the 3rd Stringer scout Team QB)
Tyler was Acquired in Trade this year with Rival New England
Very Raw but has a big Arm 95 THP
He'll sit and learn under two main Quarterbacks

Bray & McFarland will be only QB Taking Reps in preseason
Stubs dose not need the reps said Payton the Young kids do .

AWR 64 THP 65 THA 74

Mami Has Started to get Forge ahead with younger players
But still hopes to make playoffs for 3rd straight year
meet the Specials Teams Players in the next Edition
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RB FB TE Into's

Head Coach Shawn Payton
Introduces the Pound pack HB FB TE

There been a few changes in this year to the pound pack
Gone are Lamar Miller Traded to Rival New England & TE Michael Sturlock cut
HB Garry Reyes is back for his 7 season
Reyes has a 1000 yards every since he was drafted 2017
He is leader of Running backs.
94 Speed 94 AWR 87 CAR & 87 Break Tackle

HB Jeffrey afterburner Demps was Teams kick Returner last year
Now steps into back up Role after miller was traded
If you miss a Tackle on Demps You won't catch him
99 Speed 99 acc

HB Koren Ross Drafted in 5th Round this year
was pleasant late pick up & he had a very good Skue
He'll start the season at #3
94 Speed 94 acc 74 car 79 btk

Now the Full backs & TE
FB Rickey Frank is back after being getting offer sheet matched.
The 31 year old FB should be a Hammer this year
79 Speed 52 PBK 61 RBK

TE Frank Wymore is one smallest TE in the League at 6'1 222 Pounds
He more of WR Playing TE Expect the Team look for him
when Pressure is on late in Games
80 Speed 87 Catch

Mike Simpson was controversial 1st pick in this year draft
6'6 Has good top end speed but getting to top speed
will have to be worked on . He is very good blocker
84 Speed 61 PBK 50 RBK

TE Mike Fernandez is 6'2 could be used the goal line
82 Speed 80 Catch

Again it very young Core here as Dolphins look to reload

Next Article will be Miami's QB
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At A Glance

GM T_Riddell
Head Coach Sean Payton
Offensive Coordinator Kurt Warner
Defensive Coordinator Zach Thomas
Special Teams Alfredo Roberts
Salary $178.36M
Cap Penalty $11M
Cap Room $9.97M


AFC East
#12 Jets Jets 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#21 Bills Bills 8-8-0 0.50 3-3
#23 Patriots Patriots 7-9-0 0.44 2-4
#26 Dolphins Dolphins 6-10-0 0.38 3-3

1 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #25
Lost 16-20
2 Mon at Texans Texans #17
Lost 17-20
4 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Won 38-17
5 Sun vs Jets Jets #12
Lost 34-45
6 Sun vs Rams Rams #30
Won 27-0
7 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 17-31
8 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 23-6
9 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 17-44
10 Sun at Bills Bills #21
Won 20-14
11 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #28
Won 31-28
12 Mon vs Patriots Patriots #23
Won 26-16
13 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Lost 13-16
14 Mon vs Colts Colts #31
Lost 17-44
15 Sun at Titans Titans #2
Lost 10-31
16 Sat vs Jaguars Jaguars #9
Lost 23-37
17 Sun at Jets Jets #12
Lost 27-30

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