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Well here we are at training camp for the 2020 RZL season. How did we get here? Where are we going?

Here are the answers:

RZL Chargers 2019 season

12-4 Record
AFC West Champion (8-0 within the division, that ever happen before?)
AFC Champion
AFC Superbowl representative bitch in the superbowl

So GM Rock’s first season started cautiously and ended with a trip to the superbowl. Quite a feat for a rookie GM who anticipated being bent over by the veteran GMs in the league. There were some things we had going in our favour. First former Chargers GM Travis Robbins put together a kick ass team. With a superstar QB, Running back and Oline this team was not going to have problems scoring. With stud veteran cover corners and an all-world middle linebacker the defense was poised to hold teams to low scores.

The plan as envisioned by GM Rock succeeded. It was simple.. play a conservative offense and rely on our attacking defense to hold the other teams off the score board while at the same time creating turnovers. The offense was good enough and veteran enough to make the final play to score and win the game. The defense ended up being one of the best in the league and the offense was top 10.

Now the playoffs saw more of the same with wins over the Raiders, Browns and finally the Chiefs to make the Superbowl. All that was needed was a for the Broncos to make the playoffs and it would have just been divisional games to decide the AFC champion. As for the superbowl… we you can read about it here:

And I have no desire to ever look or talk about that game again. We talked about who our best players were during that season but the following should really be pointed to as our leaders for the season:

CB Xavier Moody (he covered the best WRs on the planet and shut them down EVERY WEEK)

LOLB Howard Bowie (provided a new attitude with lots of tackles and team leading 9 sacks)

MLB Spencer Adkins
QB James Hartle
HB Frank Summers
WR Beau Hansen (kid was placed in the #1 role and excelled)

Noted for not being on that list was Charger franchise leading WR DeSean Jackson. He had the misfortune of holding out during a season the GMs changed spots. The old GM probably would have signed him out of loyalty. The new GM just saw an over the hill WR who was asking for too much money. We had the cap to accomadate the request but GM Rock wanted to see what the kids playing in Jackson’s shadow could do.. and they didn’t disappoint.

Speaking of Jackson here is a list of the players we lost to retirement and free agency with noted reasons for the release:

WR DeSean Jackson – was released and still in free agency last time I checked
LG Logan Robinson – solid player but wanted to make space for up and coming lineman
WR Eric Decker – let him go in hopes he gets to start somewhere
SS Josh Barrett – the 33 year old was supplanted by Espinoza so wasn’t resigned
CB Mike Mickens – this one hurts but he’s just too old to compete
DT Letroy Guion – depth DT
RE Melvin Tirrell – Depth DE
LR Chauncy Halls – Depth DE

Worth a special mention was the loss of LOLB Howard Bowie. We really wanted to resign him but he managed to get himself a crazy offer in the free agency period. He gave us a chance to match but we just couldn’t hamstring the franchise over one player, even for a guy we love and would have welcomed back with open arms. Damn you former Chargers GM.. damn you all to hell.


With pick 31 in each round the idea was to simply add to the team. There wasn’t really any areas of need as we had players ready to go to fill in for those leaving. Here is who we picked and why:

1.31 HB LaMichael James – this was simply a luxury pick. He has crazy athleticism and may get a shot to start. If nothing else he will be a top special teams player and will most likely start in that role.

2.31 FS Jason McDonald – the FS spot was being filled by youngster Melhaff who was being tutored by veteran Brian Bonner. It was felt that McDonald was an upgrade in physical talent to either so he was drafted with an eye to start if he can win a spot in camp.

3.31 WR John Burris – you can never have enough depth at WR so when the third round came around it was an easy pick. Young, fairly polished for a college WR and solid athleticism made the team happy to get him in the third round. He may be a third or fourth down WR depending on how things shake out.

4.31 LE Oswald Williams – we actually had our eye on another DE but he was gone by our pick in the third round. So we waited a round and got the big solid Williams to help out the DLine. The draft was pretty deep in the DE position so it wasn’t really all that big a gamble waiting to take this pick. He will probably be another starter for us unless we upgrade in free agency, but not too shabby getting this guy in the 4th.

5.31 LOLB Richie Cooper - this was another player that fell into our laps. He has decent athleticism but is very raw. He may very well see some significant playing time this season. Not really a prototype to play the position but showed a good nose for the ball in college. Hopefully with some work and tutoring from the veteran linebacker core he will be ready to go this year.

6.31 and 7.31 – obviously I don’t know how to work the drafting tool. I set my offensive lineman settings to 0 in both rounds and still ended up drafting two offensive lineman. They were let go and we will have to fill our roster with low end free agents.


Coming off of a superbowl you don’t really run a strenuous training camp. We are a very veteran team and so we will be limiting the snaps a lot of our starters will see. The young guys in camp will on the other hand get lots of snaps, film work and tutoring from the veterans on the team. There are only a few spots open in camp so here are our position battles:

Frank Summers (veteran) vs LaMichael James (Rookie)

The veteran HB has lost a step but still runs with power and purpose. The youngster may be too light to compete in this league, but we want to see what he can do with the ball in his hands.

Sanders, Gates, Burris, Bauer – who plays where?

We only have 4 guys slated to start the season and we need to see who will fill what role. All 4 guys have never been the #1 passing option so it will be interesting to see how this shakes down. What about Beau Hansen? Well rumours are he’s going out of town on a deal to another team.

LG position

Not really a competition but a switch in at least one of the interior positions. Long time stud Logan Robinson has left the team and decision is on who will replace him at the LG spot. Will it be starting centre Mitch Petrus or his solid backup from last year Steve Cox. Cox was told that if he resigned with the team in the offseason he would be a starter this year.. just a matter of seeing where that start will take place. Right now we are leaning towards the youngster going to LG as he’s just a bit more athletic thatn Petrus.

Brandon Deadrick (vet) vs Oswaldo Williams (rook)

Stud DE Clinton McDonald will be starting on DE. The question is who will play beside him. Williams is obviously more athletic and has more potential that Deadrick but it will come down to can he learn the playbook well by the start of the season. If yes then he starts, if no then he is a backup. Don’t rule out a veteran Free agent joining this mix before camp is over.

Aaron Carter vs ?

We weren’t happy with the second MLB play last year as Carter seems to be a solid 4-3 MLB but gets lost in the 3-4. The idea will be to either bring in a vet (via free agency or trade) or move one of our OLBs to MLB. Solid ROLB Gary Guyton has been mentioned as a possible choice for this as he knows the defense like the back of his hand and he may play better in that smaller space with his diminishing physical skills.

CB#2 Amari Spievey vs Prince Amukamara

This was one spot that we could have looked to the draft to fill but the solid CB prospects were pretty much gone by the time our picks came around. So with Mike Mickens leaving due to old age pension the call is to fill from within. But does that mean we upgrade nickel CB Spievey or do we take our lumps and go with second year corner Prince? In the short term we will lose some coverage especially in zone as Prince has a tendency to freelance a bit and bite on moves. In the long term Prince has much more upside and may very well be worth the price we pay now for future gains.

McDonald, Bonner, Melhaff

We started last season with veteran Brian Bonner as our starter. He wore down as the season progressed and we moved to the younger Melhaff. He played ok but we really wanted more of a centre fielder to play that role. McDonald has the physical skills to fill that role but will be ready in time to start the season? We don’t know but that will determine who starts.


We as was mentioned earlier WR Beau Hansen has been agreed to be dealt. We are getting a solid WR and a pick in return. We are sorry to see him go but feel we have the horses to replace him. With an aging Oline and linebacker core we felt the future picks will be very much needed.

As for free agency.. GM Rock does not like free agency. You overpay for guys who really if they were really good would have been kept with their original team. So expect to see signings of the more mid to low tier type. Either players with specific skills to fill a hole or a young guy to add some athleticism.


QB Hartle
HB Summers
FB Williamson
WR Sanders
WR Gates
TE Savage
LT Fulton
C Petrus
RG Cox
RT Jones

LE Williams
DT Huot
RE C. McDonald
LOLB Washington
MLB Adkins
MLB Guyton
ROLB R. Cooper
CB Moody
CB Amukamara
FS McDonald
SS Espinoza
K Galloway
P Brantley
KR/PR – James

We have little chance of repeating last year’s performance. We aren’t quite as good and the other teams in the RZL won’t be taken by surprise in GM Rocks sophomore season. The idea is to make the playoffs and hopefully get hot again and do some damage. Most certainly the 8-0 vs the AFC West is not likely to happen again.

So that is the training camp report for the San Diego Chargers, we will see you on the flip side.
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CHARGERS 2019 PLAYOFF RUN (warning some profanity)
The San Diego Chargers seemed to lead a charmed life in the 2019 RZL season. That was until the very end when the season ended by ripping out GM Rock’s heart and throwing it on the ground with nothing but a giggle.



This is the game where we established our playing model for the entire 2019 playoffs.

1) Start hard charging on defense and hope to create early turnovers
2) Turn early turnovers into points
3) Sit on lead by running the ball down teams throat
4) If all else fails rely on talent to win at the end.

The model really relies on the best group of the Chargers.. that would be their all world offensive line.

This worked to perfection in this first playoff game. The Oline was on fire and kept QB James Hartle’s jersey clean all day as he came away without being sacked. One TD via the pass to TE Savage and a rushing TD to HB Frank Summers plus a field goal was all the offense needed to win.

The Raiders actually came out with a solid defensive scheme. They limited Summers to a low 3.88 yards per carry which stopped many of the Chargers offensive drives. This helped the Raiders win the time of possession battle which is often a good indicator of team success… just not in this game fortunately.

The Chargers D came to play.. especially all world MLB Adkins and starting CB Moody. The former with 8 tackles, one sack and an INT. The latter with 7 tackles, one for a loss and 2 deflections. The Raiders gave up three sacks and 2 INTs. Their QB was held to a QB rating of 60.9 and their running game was held to 50 yards rushing total.

Simple plan perfectly executed. Create turnovers, keep your QB’s jersey clean and you will win games.. and we did. That makes 3 wins over the Raiders for the season.



This game had a different feel to it as there was no familiarity with the two opposing GMs. GM Rock was new to the league and the Browns had never seen them play before.

The Browns came in with their run the ball right down your throat mentality. To a certain degree it worked as they put up 108 yards rushing which is one of highest totals of the year against the Charger defense. On the other hand, ball control run twixt the tackles offense doesn’t work when you start to get behind, which the Browns did starting early in the first quarter.

The Charger defense is designed to play with a lead. It attacks the opposing QB relentlessly and has the cover corners to stop most deep passes. That is what happened in this game.

MLB Spencer Adkins had yet again another great game. 9 tackles, 2 for a loss, to go along with a sack. He was all over the field and is clearly our defensive leader. The defense as a whole shut down the pass game.. 4 sacks and INT and holding QB Brousseau to a rating of 44.6.

Simply put the Chargers had too much horsepower for the Browns as was evidenced by this being the highest spread of points between the winning team and losing team in the entire 2019 playoffs.



Despite having played and loss to the Chargers twice already this year the Chiefs seemed surprised at the attacking defense the Charges threw at them. The Chiefs ended their first offensive series with a pick.. 7 points Chargers. Their second offensive series ended up with a pick.. 3 points Chargers. By the time QB Wilson of the Chiefs finally calmed down the Chargers were up points.

Well you know what happens when San Diego gets the lead… time to pound the ball. The Chiefs defense did yeoman service on the run stop as shown by the 3.93 yards per carry for Chargers HB Summers. The problem was that with the talent on the online and at halfback there was only so much the Chiefs D could do. HB Summers ended with 110 yards rushing and two TDs. Enough to secure the victory.

Part of the early success for the Chargers on offense was accounted for by the unusual (for them) offensive sets the they ran from.. normally the Chargers are a two back one TE type of group. To start this game they went to the Two TE one back set and it seemed to pay off. By the time the Chiefs adjusted the game was pretty much over.

To their credit the Chiefs wouldn’t go away and made a game of it late.

So the AFC West placed three teams in the playoffs the best of any division. And the Chargers at least for 2019 OWNED the AFC West. It was my division and the rest of you bitches just play in it.

Want proof?

AFC WEST 0 – San Diego Chargers 8.

Eat it.



The really big show.. the showdown in Tampa.. the freaking Superbowl. Ahh the anticipation, the excitement, the hope, the desires and the gut wrenching loss.

Preparing for this game I came away with one overriding thought.. the Dallas Cowboys are stacked! Their #3 corner is ranked with a 94 OVR. Their #3 WR is ranked 93 OVR. They have a backup Olineman who is 90 OVR. How is this possible?

Which leads me to my one big beef with this league: The progression is out of control. The sad part is that the Cowboys aren’t truly stacked, at least not if you compare them to the rest of the teams in the RZL. Everyone in the league seems to consider this normal, I think it is nuts.. but I digress.

Looking at the Cowboys was like looking at a throwing version of the Chargers. They had an attacking defense with shut down corners. Rather than a running offense like the Chargers the boys featured a short pass high tempo offense. Going into the game we felt if Cowboys QB Flynn threw the ball 30 to 40 times in the game we should be able to come away with at least 3 picks. Turn those picks into points and we would be doing ok.

Then the Flynn thing happened.

Simply put Cowboys QB Matt Flynn won the Superbowl for his team.

He completed pass after pass to the tune of 312 yards. The single largest passing total against the Chargers all season. His QB rating of 90.7 was again of the highest put up. Their running game was an after thought but with some success as the Chargers were all completely concerned with covering the pass.

Chargers QB Hartle did his best late to try and make a game of it but came up short. He had two TDs and a QB rating with a meager yardage total of 160 yards passing. HB Summers had 97 yards rushing for a solid 4.85 yards per carry and was especially effective on first down running plays.

GM Rock will always wonder what could have been. The initial idea was to go to a more passing attack in the superbowl, you know to let it all hang out. In the end the decision was made to go with what got us to the big game in the first place.. the run first and pass enough to win mentality.

So congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys and GM John Stanley. They won the big game and deserve to hold the Lombardi trophy up high. Sorry to the AFC and in particular to the AFC West. We couldn’t get it done but we gave it the good college try.

The Chargers have broken my heart and I’m seriously considering switching teams in the offseason. Everytime I look at QB Hartle and HB Summers I think “Losers”… cause they ARE!!!!

San Diego Chargers GM
AFC West Champ 2019
AFC Champions 2019
Big Time SuperBowl Loser 2019

Now you can all go to hell and die.
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The Chargers 2019 season went about as well as one could possibly hope. The funny part about the season was the lack of buzz surrounding our team. I don’t know if people just assumed with a rookie GM that it would take a season or two before the team would perform well.. or maybe they just looked at the Chargers and thought compared to some other teams they just didn’t have the star power to win, nay dominate the AFC West.

As a the new guy with fresh eyes GM Rock could not believe what he saw when he arrived at the Charger compound. On paper the team was stacked and most especially at the most important positions. Once practices and mini-camps started GM Rocks couldn’t stop smiling. He had never seen a team that was this good before.. at least not under his reign.

The Chargers owned the AFC West. Divisional record was 6-0. Final record was 12-4 which was good for third in AFC after the tiebreaks went down. To go with that was insanely good stats:


9th in Yards Per Game
5th in rush yards per game
HB Summers 6th in rushing in the NFL with 1480 yards rushing


2nd in yards allowed per game
6 pass defense
2nd in rush defense
1st in points allowed per game.

Add all that up and what do you get? Well a top tier offense to go along with the best defense in the RZL. The offensive stats could even have been more impressive if all universe QB Hartle hadn’t missed some games early in the season. The stat parts on offense were no surprise to the brain trust of the Chargers. Great QB, great HB, fantastic offensive line… athletic WRs and a freak TE means you can put up points against anyone.

GM Rock has this to say about his defense,” They surprised me I have to say.. and I couldn’t be prouder. I came to the first defensive meeting of the season and I got in the faces of the players. I challenged them, told them it was not time to play good defense.. it was time to snort, growl and beat the shit out of the other team. Judging by the widening of their eyes I figure that is not what they expected to hear from their GM. There are too many bend don’t break defenses out there it is time to be your own man and make shit happen.

To their credit they stepped up. The old guard in the locker room were slowly replaced.. the Guytons and Mickens.. they had done their mentoring jobs in years passed and they could see the new kids were ready to take over. No one lead the charge better than two guys… LB Howard Bowie and CB Xavier Moody. Bowie played with reckless abandon, he trash talked, took names and kicked asses. 9 sacks to go with 53 tackles it just nuts and that’s what Bowie did. Moody lead the secondary in shutting down other teams that allowed our underneath guys to attack. Good season and now we have the playoffs”

We caught up with CB Xavier Moody and he had this to say, “Yeah, now that you mention that first meeting I gotta say the old guy is nuts. He was screaming at us basically saying were we needed to stop playing nice and we gotta get after everything. It was cool to hear.. he gave us permission to just go crazy.

We knew in the secondary that this would mean lots of one on one coverage with not much safety help. Well I love that. I told the guys, “The CBs will cover the freakin wideouts the rest of you just get to the freaking QB!! And damned if they didn’t. Now I don’t know if I had my best season so far, but I do know that I just had the most fun I’ve ever had playing this game!”

The last word was to come from the GM, “I figure you all want to hear about my year dispute with WR DeSean Jackson. I fully understand that he has been the face of the franchise for the last decade.. but I am new. I don’t owe him anything. You want more money but your production is slipping? Then you can sit and watch us play. It was actually a good thing as it forced WR Beau Hansen to step into the #1 WR role where he had a really good year. All that playing time also trickled down to the other young wideouts on the roster who have all developed very well this year. Like I said, time for the playoffs. Lets go chargers!!!”
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Well first off let me start by apologizing for not posting a press conference earlier. GM Rock has been sick the past couple of weeks and just hasn’t been up to the task. Add in the fast and furious pace the games have been played at and you get me missing a bunch of games to comment on! I’m also having trouble watching the games.. its not the simmers fault (never could be!) it just seems that each time something happens and I miss the game. Take Tuesdays game for instance.. normally I am in at work an hour before the kickoff… but that day I came in late as I had a sick kid at home and I miss the game by minutes.

So what has happened since my past post? Since our week 8 debacle to the hapless cheese eaters the Chargers have gone on a 3-1 run. With wins over the Raiders (BOOOO!), Colts and Steelers. Our only loss was to the defensive juggernaut Minnesota Vikings.

During that span our QB play has been I’d say average at best. Our running backs have been solid with rush numbers above 4 per carry and scores in each game. Our Wideouts have really been doing well with Beau Hansen coming into his own as our feature receiver. Rookie Edmond Gates has emerged as one of Hartles big play guys with close to 600 yards receiving in the 6 games he has been made a starter. The Oline has been average to above average, allowing a few more sacks and QB pressures than we’d like. They are a veteran group so we expect them to pick it up for the stretch run here.

Defensively we have been playing well all year. Our linebackers have been relentless in pursuit of the ball. Our corners have been placed in a lot of single coverage and have done very well. Our safety play has been subpar with very few picked balls and not much support at the line of scrimmage. This may be an area of upgrade in the offseason. The Dline has been solid and anchored the run stop and produced predictable gaps for the linebacker. All in all our D has been anywhere from top 5 to top 10 all season.

Speaking of defense… we just ran into the defensive buzzsaw of the Vikings. They are one solid defensive team. Our week 13 game was a 27-24 loss on homefield. The Vikings D held Hartle to under 300 yards passing, got one pick and made him finish with a QB rating of 72 which is well below his season average. HB Frank Summers who has been roughshodding over D’s all season was held to 3.35 yards per carry and 67 yards rushing.. both season lows.

The gameplan for us was simple going into the game. Stop the Vikings running game and rely on our allstar offense to put up points. Well the Vikings were having nothing to do with that. Sure we stopped their back to 43 yards on 18 carries to a dismal 2.39 yards per carry. But QB Nathan Brown took our 10 men in the box as an insult and pass for 326 yards, 3 TDs, no INTs and a qb rating of 125.3. By far the best performance against out defense to date. BITCH!

So we sit at 8-4 after 12 weeks. Tied for the Raiders for first in the AFC West. Funny as we tried all season to catch up the Raiders, which we did. Then we passed them and were hoping to leave them behind… but the Raiders kept on winning and eventually gave up. The last 4 games see the Chargers with 2 winnable games (although every team in the RZL can beat any other team on a given day) and 2 tough games including a week 16 tilt with the douchebag Raiders. The Raiders meanwhile have a bit trickier road to follow on those last 4 games. Chances are it will come down to the week 16 tilt to decide who wins the AFC West. Not to worry though.. as it stands right now whomever doesn’t win the AFC West has a good chance to be a wildcard team so we may very well both make the playoffs.

Our next game is against the hapless Broncos who will probably beat us now that I made fun of them. Its fan appreciation day so hopefully they all enjoy those seat cushions!
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Week 8 may very well be looked back upon as a crucial game where the Chargers may have let one slip away. The league had the Chargers ranked as the much higher team in comparison to the Green bay Packers but the final score was SD 16 – GB 24.

The FD is too competitive a league to both play only average and to let winnable games slip away.

Looking at the game it goes to show that poor coaching, middling offense and bad defense can doom a good team.

First lets start with the Coaching. The Chargers lead pretty much the whole game until the 4th quarter. But during the game the offensive coordinator continued to throw the ball to a final tune of 36 attempted pass plays. On the other hand HB Frank Summers was feeling it and racked up 91 yards on only 11 carries for an 8.27 yard per carry average. So a better coaching call may have been to feed the HB more and limit the passing a touch. It did not happen and we lost.

Offensively All Universe QB James Hartle had a below average game for him. 19 of 36 for 255 yards and a TD to go with one INT. A QB rating of 73.3 is low for Hartle who just didn’t have it on that day. There was one bright light on offense and that was young wideout Edmond Gates. He was moved up in the starting rotation (at GM Rocks insistence) to see what he could do. Well 11 catches for 191 yards is a fine start to a promising career. You all will be seeing more of him in years to come!

Defensively it was a below average game. Our secondary which has been solid this season allowed the Green Bay QB a solid 109.8 rating and two TDs to NO SACKS! They also allowed HB Mitchell to rack up 119 yards rushing which is by far the highest total against this year.. close to 50% more yards then we normally give up each game. No QB pressure, no turnovers created and allowed 100 yards on the ground is not a recipe for success.

The only silver lining out of this poopy cloud is that we have the bye during week 9. That allows the players to get some rest and get rejuvenated for the second half of the season. We are currently in a solid position to grab a wildcard spot but only time will tell if we stay in this spot for the rest of the season.
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At A Glance

GM Ro_Mendez
Head Coach Mike Alstott
Offensive Coordinator T.Weiner
Defensive Coordinator D.Foxworth
Special Teams Lorenzo Neal
Salary $190.99M
Cap Penalty $3.42M
Cap Room $4.92M

Chargers Scott Wade WR 88 Out for season

AFC West
#6 Chiefs Chiefs 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#13 Broncos Broncos 9-7-0 0.56 2-4
#16 Chargers Chargers 7-9-0 0.44 3-3
#29 Raiders Raiders 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #9
Lost 10-17
2 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 21-22
3 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #25
Won 33-20
4 Sun vs Raiders Raiders #29
Lost 13-30
6 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #13
Won 31-17
7 Sun at Raiders Raiders #29
Won 16-13
8 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 13-14
9 Sun at Broncos Broncos #13
Won 16-5
10 Sun at Saints Saints #4
Lost 17-24
11 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Lost 22-29
12 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 10-44
13 Sun at Ravens Ravens #19
Won 45-35
14 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 10-21
15 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 14-22
16 Sun vs Browns Browns #22
Won 24-10
17 Sat at Bengals Bengals #14
Won 22-17

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