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Cardinals announce new GM
After a short 2nd stint, GM Ben Harbinger is back for the 3rd time. He plans on being here for the foreseeable future. He takes over an aging, yet talented roster that was expected to be in the playoff race this year. With the worst record in the AFC conference, Ben has his work cut out for him.
In a private press conference earlier today, GM Harbinger said a few words:

"Firstly, I'd like to thank the league staff to bring me back. Also, it is only fitting that I come back to coach in the same division where I coached for a long time. It is a very tough division and will continue to be for a while. This team is very talented, has veteran leadership across every position, so I don't see why we can't expect to fight for the division crown next year. In the upcoming weeks, you will us make aggressive moves that will benefit the team, both short and long term. I will do my best to instill discipline and bring success to this franchise. Our expectations, as they should be, is to win the Superbowl."
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Cardinals Training Camp: 2022

What started as a trend and turned into a theme is now seeming more like a recurring nightmare the Cardinals canít shake. The team once got off to an awful start in 2021, winning just one game out of their first five. As usual they stepped up their game after the slow start, but would ultimately fail to finish the season with a winning record, going 8-8 on the year. After failing to make the playoffs for the fourth time in four seasons, the Cardinals are desperately searching for an identity. Now that the glory days led by the likes of Matt Leinart, Desmond Mayer, and Freddy Nickols are long gone, the Cardinals are looking for ways to pull themselves from the depths of mediocrity. In recent years the franchise has placed a high importance on building an elite defense, and has used several high draft picks to draft college standouts such as Dre Kirkpatrick, Quentin Coples, Stephon Gilmore, Nick Fairley, and Austin Dillon. While the investments have yet yield more than marginal returns, the club is hoping this year can be the year they finally turn the corner. On offense, there are a lot more question marks. Desmond Mayer, Jordan Kent, Roy Hall, and Jake Long are all on the decline, and some of them have been for a while now. Hunter Cantwell may be gearing up for his final season in the NFL. Heading into the preseason, the team has major question marks at LOLB, LG, TE, K, and P, and lacks experience at many other positions. While it may be a longshot that this is the year the team puts it all together, they are hoping they can at least take a few steps forward, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and answer some of the major questions they have heading into the season. If the Cardinals want to accomplish anything this year they will need the defense to be firing on all cylinders and several players to step up on the offensive side of the ball.

When talking about the players, the first thing that has to be mentioned is the fact that the players are not happy. Morale is down across the board, and several players have made it known they want out of Arizona. Word out of the desert is that the situation has become so bad the team sees over ten players in the locker room as being distractions. While the team is willing to work with a number of these disgruntled players, namely by cutting them, several of them are simply too valuable for the franchise to part with. There is no saying how large of an impact this could potentially have on the teams play this year, but it is safe to say it will definitely have an impact. Either way, the team is going to have to push through the off-the-field issues and try to string together a few wins this season. With that in mind, letís take a look at some players that need to step it up for the team to find success this year:

QB Hunter Cantwell Ė We all know that this is a quarterback-driven league. Teams live and die by their quarterbacks. While Cantwell has posted career highs in passing yards the past two seasons, that has mostly been a byproduct of him posting career highs in attempts (by a lot). In 2020 he 4,189 yards on 520 attempts. Compare that to 2017 where he threw for 4,019 on just 409 attempts. Cantwell has also fallen short of his career averages for completion percentage and QB rating while throwing more interceptions over a two-year span than he ever has during his tenure with the Cardinals. This canít all be put on Cantwell, as the team needs to do a better job establishing the run and lessening his work-load, but he also needs to step up his game in what might be his last year in the league.

CB Stephon Gilmore/CB Dre Kirkpatrick Ė The team used the 6th and 7th overall picks, respectively, to bring this tandem to Arizona, and while they are still developing, their play early in their careers has left some wondering about their play-making abilities. Through five combined seasons of player the two have mustered just five interceptions between them. In this league that simply wonít cut it. This will be the first season that both are over the critical 80 AWR mark, and they will need to play like it or else major changes could be coming. Of note is that Kirkpatrick did intercept three passes last year after having just one in his first two seasons, something the team is hoping is a sign of things to come.

HB Ryan Matthews/HB Joe McKnight/HB Ray Graham Ė With the decline of Desmond Mayer and the need to take the some of the load off of Hunter Cantwell, one of these players is going to have to step up. Matthews has averaged just 4.09 YPC over his career, McKnight just 3.44, and Graham is an unproven rookie, so one of these players is going to need to step up their game and grab the starting gig. Otherwise, the team will have to go with the committee approach, which they really donít want to have to do.

This off-season was yet another important one for the Cardinals. Several key players continued or started to decline, and the team did not have their first round pick. In free agency they signed two players they think can contribute in HB Ryan Matthews and CB Jeffery Santos. Matthews has had a disappointing career so far, but the Cardinals are hoping a fresh start and a new home can inject some life into him. Santos should be a familiar name to Cardinals fans, as he had a nice stint in the desert before leaving as part of the Jordan Kent trade. The team is hoping he will be able to step up and fill the role of the declining Riley Correa who may not be on the final roster come the regular season. The team also traded a 3rd and 4th round pick for FS Clint Luna, who will step in for Brandon Carr.

Next up was the draft. While the team needed youth, they would have to dig for buried treasure as they didnít have a pick until the fourth round. Despite this, the front office still thinks they were able to grab some good talent in the latter half of the draft and potentially even a couple starters. Letís look at some of the picks they made:

4.4 - OL DJ Fluker
Fluker is probably the most promising player the Cardinals were able to grab in the 2022 draft. He has excellent size at 6í6Ē, 335 lbs to go with 94 STR. He also has above average athleticism with 60 SPD, 57 AGI, and 73 ACC. While his 65 AWR shows good football instincts, he will have to work on his sub-par blocking technique to develop into a starter in the RZL.

4.16 - HB Ray Graham
With 92 SPD, 92 AGI, 93 ACC, 68 STR, and 79 BTK, Graham does a lot of things well, but nothing great. He is also a little undersized at 5í9Ē, 195 lbs. With some work on speed Graham could develop into a decent running back, but he will need to surprise some people to be more than a #2 back.

4.18 - FB Terrance Gannaway
The FB position has been somewhat of a revolving door for the team for as long as we can remember, but the team might have finally found their long-term answer in the fourth round. Gannaway combines above average speed and acceleration with a large frame and excellent strength. He will need to improve his instincts and his blocking technique to have a productive career, but there is a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to Gannaway.

5.4 - LE David Bass
Bass is perhaps the most intriguing player of the teamís 2022 draft class. He has an excellent combination of speed and strength that compares well to that of long-time fan-favorite Calais Campbell, as well as 81 ACC and excellent size. However, his 43 AWR, 63 AGI, and 64 TAK leave a lot to be desired. Bass will need to show he can overcome these limitations to make any kind of impact, and will likely be a career backup, but has the potential to stay on this roster for a long time.

5.11 - MLB Alan Jackson

Jackson is another player that will likely be a career backup but still shows promise. His SPD/STR combo of 78/74 does not stand out on paper, but his 81 AGI, 87 ACC, and 83 TAK make him a much more interesting prospect. He is a bit undersized at 239 lbs and 6í0Ē, but his overall package makes him an interesting prospect.

Every year a number of players put in extra time to improve a specific aspect of their game. This year the following players are showing up early and leaving late to become better all-around players:

OLB/SS Jason Johnson Ė This off-season Johnson will complete his move from SS to OLB. While league rules prevented Johnson from making the leap in his rookie year, +1 STR and +1 TAK will give him the ability to move to OLB and become one of the quickest linebackers in the league. With 86 SPD, 90 AGI, and 92 ACC, the Cardinals are hoping Johnsonís incredible first step and lateral movement will allow him to form a dominant one-two punch along with stand-out DE Quentin Coples. Johnsonís move from SS to OLB will nearly complete the transformation of the Cardinals defense.

CB Dre Kirkpatrick/CB Stephon Gilmore Ė We mentioned earlier that these are two players who will really need to step up for the Cardinals this season, so it makes sense that they are putting in the extra time to make that happen. Each player will receive a speed boost through training camp that should help them take their game to the next level. Gilmore will reach 98 SPD, while Kirkpatrick will have 96 SPD to compliment his 6í3Ē frame.

ROLB Mike Angre Ė Angre will look to build on a fantastic rookie season in which he quieted a lot of doubters, and thankfully it appears that chip on his shoulder is there to stay. Angre is once again pushing himself to the limit this off-season, and will boost his SPD from 84 to 85. At 6í2Ē, 261 lbs, this mountain of a linebacker will now be able to get from point A to point B even faster, just in time to punish opponents even more. Look for Angre to build on his big rookie season and have a big sophomore campaign.
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Cardinals 2021 Training Camp

Another year, another slow start for the Cardinals. After Hunter Cantwell missed the first few weeks of the season and Roy hall missed four weeks around the same time, the team was off to a miserable 1-3 start. Although they would go 8-4 to close out the season, with wins over the Rams, Falcons, and Redskins, they failed to make the playoffs at 9-7. Despite the disappointing result, the teamís youth once again showed promising talent and showed there are good things to come in Arizona.

The Cardinals defense had their best year in a long time ranking 3rd in sacks with 51, 9th in red zone defense, 7th in total defense, 6th against the pass, 12th in points allowed, and 14th against the run. Despite their success in those statistical categories, their downfall came in their ability to make plays, finishing 31st in the league in turnovers, forcing less than one per game.

The Hunter Cantwell era officially began in 2020, and although his individual numbers werenít great, the offense finished 9th in passing offense and 8th in total offense. But the turnover game once plagued the Arizona, as only 9 teams threw more interceptions than the Cardinals.

Defensive MVP: MLB Freddy Nickols
Although Hank Howard was seriously considered for this award with 40 + tackles and 11 sacks, in the end it had to go to Nickols. He was the undisputed leader of the team and finished top 10 in tackles while recording more deflections (20) than any other linebacker. He also had 10+ tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 2 fumbles forced, and an interception. Not only was he a force in the run game, Nickols was as vital to the teamís pass defense as anyone on the defense. Itís safe to say he was the biggest difference-maker on the field last season.

Offensive MVP: WR Roy Hall
Roy Hall once again came up big for the Cardinals in 2020. Despite missing essentially 4 games, he put up 1381 yards and 12 touchdowns, which puts him on pace for almost 1800 yards and 16 touchdowns if he played the whole season. The Cardinals were lacking in talent at wide receiver last season, but Hall stepped up and helped make the transition easier for Hunter Cantwell.

Going into the off-season, the Cardinals had several positions they needed to address. WR Roy Hall, MLB Freddy Nickols, and OLB Jon Corto were entering regression, and the team had failed to make the playoffs. The annual cuts included Jon Corto, Josh Barrett, and Darius Hill. After that, the team kicked off the off-season by trading former 1st round pick OLB Colin McCarthy, CB Jeffery Santos, and a future 3rd round pick to the 49ers for longtime rival WR Jordan Kent. Although his skills are declining, Kent immediately makes the Cardinals offense much more explosive, adding a pro bowl WR opposite Roy Hall. The team also traded a pair of youngsters, SS Eugene Kelly and OG Ignacious Wilson, along with a 6th round pick for 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks. The last trade until draft day came when they sent a 5th round pick to Miami for familiar face TE Brandon Pettigrew, who the team traded to the Dolphins for a 4th round pick mid-way through the past season. Right before the draft started the team made their biggest trade of all when they sent Hank Howard and their future 1st for the 5th pick in the draft. And with that, we head to draft day.

1.5 - MLB Austin Dillon
Dillon has great athleticism, size, and strength despite raw intangibles. He will most likely start at MLB this year while Nickols moves over to LOLB. Fun fact: Nickols and Dillon were both drafted at 1.5 and were 69 OVR

2.19 - ROLB Mike Angre
Angre lacks AGI and ACC, but has great size, speed, and strength and was one of the more RZL-ready linebackers remaining. He will be moved to ROLB and could start as soon as this year. We will probably add some speed to him eventually.

2.32 - SS/LOLB Jason Johnson
Johnson was drafted to play linebacker. At 6'1", 222 lbs he may be a bit undersized, but his 86 SPD, 90 AGI, and 92 ACC will make him one of the fastest linebackers in the league. His AWR and TAK need some work, and he will probably need +2 STR and +1 TAK in TC to make the switch, but he should form a deadly tandem with Coples on the left side.

4.8 - OL Steven White
White is not the strongest prospect at 86 STR, but he has above average athleticism with 62 SPD, 63 AGI, and 76 ACC. With 60 AWR and 83 PBK, his intangibles are not bad either. He will either become a backup at RT or he could eventually find a starting job at LG.

4.29 - HB Richard Burgess
Last year the Cardinals played a 6th round pick at #2 HB and werenít satisfied with his production. This year, a 4th round pick will get a shot. Burgress is not very strong or athletic, but he has great size at 6í2Ē, 221 lbs to go with an exceptional 87 BTK.

5.5 - LT Raymond Stewart
Stewart is perhaps the steal of the Cardinals draft. At 6í7Ē, 322 lbs, heís not going to get pushed around too often. Combine his size with 59 SPD, 95 STR, 53 AGI, and 69 ACC, and you have a future starter at LT. With 63 AWR, 83 PBK, and 83 RBK, he is in great position to transfer his game to the next level.

In free agency the team pursued several free agents, but was only being seriously considered by OLB Donnell Tyler. Although the team came close, the Raiders ultimately made the better offer. The team will still attempt to sign a veteran player or two, but for the most part the roster is finalized. And although the team was also rumored to be looking at FA LB Deandre Levy, a management error caused the talks to fall through. The team did add FA HB Joe McKnight however, who they think has the potential to be a similar play to current starter Desmond Mayer.

Several players put in extra hours to make additional improvements to their game this off-season.

SS Martin Russell, FS Brandon Carr, and DT Ricardo Matthews all saw improvements in their awareness/tackling technique, Russell earning +4 AWR, Carr +2 TAK, and Matthews +4 AWR and +2 TAK.. This extra time is expected to pay great dividends in both the present and the future.

Several other players also put in extra time in training camp to improve their skills, in this case their physical abilities. The teamís young CB duo of Dre Kirkparick will each work on their 40 yard dash time with hopes theyíll be able to shave off a tenth of a second or two. Rookie SS Jason Johnson will be pumping a lot of iron this training camp trying to get stronger. Rumor has it that the team is looking to convert him into a linebacker, and the strength will be essential if he wants to be able to make the switch. MLB Austin Dillon will look to increase his initial burst by putting in some extra hours of plyometrics. Although he has good long-range speed for a MLB, the coaching staff is hoping he can be a little quicker off the snap. Finally, WR Christian Duval will join the CBs in working on speed. Duval, a FA signing from last year, has the potential to be an impact WR in this league with a few years of speed workouts in training camp.
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Extreme Makeover: LB Edition - Cardinals Day 1 Draft Recap
Well I wrote something more in-depth than this, but I accidentally hit refresh and it's all gone, so here's the quick version.

With MLB Freddy Nickols having regressed, previous LOLB Jon Corto cut, and LOLB Colin McCarthy traded, we desperately needed to replace our linebackers. Here's how the makeover turned out:

1.5 - MLB Austin Dillon
Dillon has great athleticism, size, and strength despite raw intangibles. He will most likely start at MLB this year while Nickols moves over to LOLB. Fun fact: Nickols and Dillon were both drafted at 1.5 and were 69 OVR

2.19 - ROLB Mike Angre
Angre lacks AGI and ACC, but has great size, speed, and strength and was one of the more RZL-ready linebackers remaining. He will be moved to ROLB and could start as soon as this year. We will probably add some speed to him eventually.

2.32 - SS/LOLB Jason Johnson
Johnson was drafted to play linebacker. At 6'1", 222 lbs he may be a bit undersized, but his 86 SPD, 90 AGI, and 92 ACC will make him one of the fastest linebackers in the league. His AWR and TAK need some work, and he will probably need +2 STR and +1 TAK in TC to make the switch, but he should form a deadly tandem with Coples on the left side.
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Cardinals 2020 TC

The Cardinals 2019 season got off to a rocky start to say the least. After going up by 20+ points against the defending champs the St. Louis Rams, quarterback Matt Leinart was knocked out of the game, and the team would eventually lose the game in overtime. Despite losing with backup quarterback Colin Porter at the helm in week 1, coach Rod Marinelli declared Porter the starter until Leinart returned to action. Although Porter responded as well as anyone could have expected, throwing for 326 yards and 5 TD passes in a 49-31 victory over the Falcons, the team would go on to lose its next four games. And even though Porter delivered three straight victories after his 1-4 start and Matt Leinart closed out the season with a 5-2 record, the Cardinals eventually fell short of making the playoffs, watching Rusty Smith and the Steelers end their season. The team finished 9-7, and would have to look ahead to next year.

Although the team yet again failed to make the playoffs, they made plenty of strides that hint they are headed in the right direction. The team finished first in the league in Red Zone defense, allowing only 20 touchdowns despite 52 visits, and finished 4th in takeaways and tied for 11th in sacks. In the past it was not unusual for the team to finish in the bottom 16 in each of these categories. The teamís defense also put up 30 points, including 4 touchdowns and a safety, tying for the 6th most in the league. It was a different story for the offense, though, as the Cardinals only finished in the top ten in points scored, red zone attempts, red zone touchdowns, and interceptions (not) thrown. This is an area the team looked to improve during the off-season, but found their options limited.

Defensive MVP: DE Quinton Coples
A rookie, Coples arguably had a better year than any other DE in the league. The league voted him rookie of the year after tallying 33 tackles, 7 TFL, 14 sacks, and a safety. The team hasnít had this kind of presence at defensive end in quite some time, maybe ever, and he was most likely the biggest reason the Cardinals had such a good year defensively.

Offensive MVP: QB Colin Porter
Porter is without a doubt the offensive MVP for the 2019 season. After Leinart went down in week one, the team showed faith in him and he delivered. Although he struggled at first, he threw for nearly 2,000 yards in 7 starts, completed over 50% of his passed, and had a 15 to 8 touchdown to interception ratio. He ultimately kept the team afloat, going 4-4 over a timespan where Roy Hall missed 4 games and Jake Long 3. The Cardinals eventually controlled their fate in Week 17, and just werenít able to get the job done.

Going into the off-season, the team had two main priorities: Find a plan for the quarterback position and upgrade at WR. They were able to solve one of those goals, but the other remains a question mark.
As always, the off-season started with player cuts. FS Victor Harris, SS Kelin Johnson, LB Jerod Mayo, and LT Gabe Hal were all got let go or were not resigned as the team was tight on cap space. WR Kenny Britt was traded to the Bears for a 3rd round pick for the same reason. While that cleared up a good amount of cap space, the team had to resign defensive anchor MLB Freddy Nickols, and they still would need a lot more room than they originally anticipated. When Jets QB Hunter Cantwell became available for a 2nd round pick, the team moved swiftly to land him. They eventually traded 2.18 for him, acquiring a top-notch quarterback, along with his 17.85m salary. HB Desmond Mayer, 30, had to be restructured to a seven year deal just to save 3 million in cap space, and the team started acquiring as many draft picks as they could. On draft day, the Cardinals sent former 3rd round pick LB Jamar Chaney to the 49ers for two 4th round picks and CB Brice McCain to the Dolphins for another 4th. Later, DE Lawrence Sidbury Jr. was shipped to Chicago for their 2nd and 3rd round draft picks in 2021. With that in mind, letís take an inside look at the teams 2020 draft class.

1.6 - CB Stephon Gilmore - After planning to draft a WR all the way up until draft day, we traded 1.18 and our future 1st to get this pick and draft Gilmore. He has a very rare combination of height (6'1"), speed (95), and strength (68 ) that got us thinking about what it'd be like to pair him and Kirkpatrick together for the next 9-10 seasons, and we had to pull the trigger. We plan to act aggressively with our TC points and hopefully max him out at 98 SPD, 93 AGI, 93-94 ACC.
Hoping he can be a... CB Issac Suggs

3.18 - LG Ignacious Wilson - This was a pick we thought long and hard about, and ultimately came close to flipping a coin. We were torn between LT Reynolds, who the Vikings took with the next pick, and Ignacious. We ultimately went with the latter due to his great size, speed, and agility to go along with decent technique and strength. While we weren't expecting to find much value in the 3rd, we're hoping Ignacious can develop into a starter.
Hoping he can be a... Less talented LT Kasey Mcanulty

4.5 - SS Drew Powers - This isn't our favorite pick of the draft, but this was the work of auto-draft. Nonetheless, while Drew lacks a physical presence and has less AWR than we'd like, he has everything else we look for in a safety. With that said, he is probably a career backup at FS.
Hoping he can be an... Upgraded FS Rahim Moore

4.14 - LG Kyle Warner - Warner is a player that we thought was rather interesting. While he doesn't have any SPD or AGI, he has mammoth-like size and strength, good ACC for a man of his stature, and good technique. We're thinking he may be able to grab a starting spot on the left side of the line down the road, but we may eventually want someone who can get down field quicker. Either way, he should be a Cardinal for a while.
Hoping he can be a... Much better LT Owen Gonzalez

4.17 - MLB London Jones - Jones will play ROLB for us. If we can find the time to invest a few SPD TC points into him, we think he can be a starter. However, that may never come to fruition, and his size and AWR may prevent him from becoming a good player. Adam Borque was a player we wanted to grab in round 2 or 3, and we're hoping Jones can develop into a similar type player.
Hoping he can be a... Lesser OLB Adam Borque

4.18 - P Shawn Powell - Powell has a good bit of leg strength, and that's what we look for in a P. A lack of accuracy has never proved to be a problem for our current starter Dragosavich, and we're thinking it won't be for Powell either.
Hoping he can be a... Replacement for P Mike Dragosavich

5.18 - OLB Teddy Hamilton - Hamilton is a big, big man who lacks athleticism, but will make a nice backup and could play #2 MLB in a 3-4 set if needed. He will be moved inside immediately, and hopefully will find a way to contribute at some point.
Hoping he can be a... Bigger MLB Jerod Mayo

6.18 - LT Kevin Richards - We draft way too many offensive lineman year after year, but that's always where the value is at it seems. Richards has a great combination of SPD (65), STR (89), AGI (60), and PBK (87), but is severely hampered by his size (6'1"), AWR (47), and RBK (76). We're not sure where he will play, but the first four attributes combined are enough to warrant a selection in our book.
Hoping he can be a... Smaller C Kendrick Huerta

After the draft was free agency, but the team wasnít able to make many big moves there since they were so cap-strapped. The lone addition was SS Josh Barrett, who brings smarts, size, and a nasty streak to the Cardinals defense. He is expected to start alongside FS Brandon Carr, but SS Eugene Kelly could see playing time against speedier WRs.

Several players put in extra hours to make additional improvements to their game this off-season.

DT Hank Howard, SS Josh Barrett, and DE Jamal Green all say improvements in their awareness and technique, with Howard receiving +3 AWR and +2 TAK, Barrett +1 AWR, and Green + 4 AWR, +2 TAK. This extra time is expected to pay great dividends in both the present and the future.

CB Stephon Gilmore, DE Quinton Coples, DT Hank Howard, and CB Dre Kirkpatrick also put in extra time this off-season, working hard to improve their physical abilities. Gilmore (+1 SPD), Kickpatrick (+1 SPD), and Coples (+1 SPD) all attended a week-long camp where they focused primarily on speed drills. Gilmore (+1 ACC) also attended an explosiveness and initial burst camp where he received training in acceleration. These players should be able to cover more ground In the future. Meanwhile, DT Hank Howard (+1 STR) spent an enormous amount of time in the weight room this season, adding to his muscle mass. He should be able to push guys around more next year, and hopefully increase his role in stopping the run-game.
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At A Glance

GM B_Harbinger
Head Coach Joe Barry
Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt
Defensive Coordinator S.Davis
Special Teams Jim Mora Jr.
Salary $130.85M
Cap Penalty $8.66M
Cap Room $59.82M

Cardinals Darnay Johnson WR 76 Out for season
Cardinals Aric Conway SS 77 Out for season
Cardinals Homer Shelton RT 73 Out for season

NFC West
#7 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#24 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 2-4
#30 Rams Rams 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#28 49ers 49ers 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Won 36-17
2 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 22-29
3 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Lost 7-31
4 Mon vs Cowboys Cowboys #15
Won 30-10
5 Sun at Bears Bears #20
Lost 19-24
6 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 22-27
7 Sun at Jets Jets #12
Lost 34-40
8 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #26
Lost 6-23
9 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 17-45
11 Sun vs Rams Rams #30
Won 34-20
12 Sun at Bills Bills #21
Lost 28-42
13 Sun at Rams Rams #30
Lost 22-29
14 Sun at Lions Lions #18
Won 45-35
15 Sun at Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 38-41
16 Sat vs Packers Packers #32
Won 20-16
17 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #28
Won 31-17

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