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Chicago Defensive Run Down

2024 Defense

As stated in the offensive review, if it ain't
broke, don't fix it. GM Nissen was given a pretty good defense when he took
over the Bears organization. A couple holes here and their but nothing too

The biggest problem was the contracts of certain players like CB Fritz Dotson
and MLB Ned Bundy. Both players had huge cap penalties if they were
traded of released. Instead, Nissen got a little creative with Dotson, moving
him over to the Strong Safety position. He's getting older and has lost the
type of speed needed by an elite Corner Back. But with his current speed
and his 6'3" frame he will be a force across the middle and opposing WR's
will be keeping an eye on him.

Bundy will remain the MLB on this team for 2024. Nissen did bring in OLB
Martez Wilson from the Patriots. The Bears defense had been using DE Sapp
as their OLB in a 3-4 style defense. And it's hard to argue with the results as
Sapp has been a sack monster from that position. The addition of Wilson and
some DE's we will talk about next, will afford GM Nissen the ability to run
any type of defense it chooses. This GM runs a hybrid defense and is not
afraid to play anyone out of position. Even going as far as to start a SS at CB
over their best corner if the match-up benefits his team.

The DE's mentioned earlier were both Free Agent additions. First is Corey
Peters who played under Nissen in Pittsburgh. He was converted from a DT
to DE by this GM during his tenure there and Peters had a pretty good
season. He will most likely start at RE in a 4-3 style defense, but may be a
backup to Geno Atkins in a 3-4 type. Xavier Black is a smaller player but has
some very good upside and will give solid depth to the DE position.

The only other change will be at the number to corner position where Dotson
used to reside. With him moving to safety it is time for CB Jonathan Banks to
move into a full time spot as he enters his third full season. The Bears
brought in CB James Jackson from New England to fill the nickle spot.

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Chicago Offensive Run Down

2024 Offense

Not a whole lot to talk about in Chicago as far
as changes go on this roster. Usually, when a team gets a new GM, it also
gets a revamp. But when the new GM is handed a team that was as well run
as this one you just go with it and slowly turn it into yours.

The biggest change on the offense was the much talked about decision to let
veteran Left Tackle Brooks Young go and to most likely start their first overall
pick, Zack Martin.

WR DeVier Posey got a contract extension this off season and he, along with
Riley Cooper, figure to be the number one and two wideouts. RFA William
Bradley will play on his one year deal and will have much to prove if he
plans on staying any longer than that. The Bears spent their late first round
pick on WR Skip Ford. He is a project but the team feels he will contribute
plenty this season and hopes are he will be a big part of the future. Randall
Cobb was also added via free agency and will most likely be the teams kick
return specialist this season.

Other than that, this offense is the same as last season with Thigpen in the
drivers seat. HB Baggett had a great season last year and will look to
continue that success behind an O-Line that has four returning starters.

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Chicago Bears: 1.9

Left Tackle
Zack Martin

Not a sexy pick. Not a player GM Nissen
thought would be left at the 8th overall pick. But it was a need and,
ultimately, that was the deciding factor in the making of this pick. After
deciding to let former LT Brooks Young explore free agency mostly due to his
financial wants the Bears set their sites on drafting his replacement. In fact,
with the depth of Tackle in this draft they had even contemplated waiting
until their 27th overall pick to grab one if a player like CB Blackmon was to
fall to them. That did not happen so the Bears were left with a difficult
position noting "No one left is worth the 8th pick".

The Bears have been looking for a 3-4 type DE all off season so one has to
wonder why they didn't take DT Aaron Donald. GM Nissen had struggled
with the decision, trying to trade out but had no viable offers. He also was
turned off of Donald due to him only being 6'1". Some question that
thinking but that was a deciding factor.

The Bucs made the decision easier when they offered to move Chicago's 2nd
round pick up 7 spots to move from 1.8 to 1.9. Once that trade was made
and Donald was of the board, Martin was a much easier pick.

Overall he is not much of a dropoff from LT Taylor Lewan who was the
obvious number one O-Lineman in the draft. Martin will start and will only be
a fraction of the cost of most of the top OT's in the league and will,
hopefully, progress into one himself soon

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Chicago Chronicle - 2023 Season Review
One thing stood out about Chicago's 2024 campaign and that was the severe collection of injuries this roster received over the course of the year. A total of 9 injuries were accumulated across our starters which led to significant time off and putting a lot of pressure on the backups and the rest of the team to carry the load. As a result we were not able to match our 12-4 record of 2022 and only managed to scrape together a 9-7 mark and squeeze our way into a playoff birth over the rival Vikings by division record alone. Facing a playoff gauntlet minus our starting quarterback, corner, tight end, defensive end and middle linebacker it was always going to be a struggle, especially considering that the lowest wildcard team was a 10-6 record and you would have been excused for writing us off early. The results of our 2023 year of pain looked a little like this:

PSW3 - QB Marcus - Mild Concussion 4 wks
WK6 - WR Bradley - Dislocated Shoulder 7 wks ( IR)
WK6 - WR Posey - Broken Jaw 8 wks
WK7 - QB Thigpen - Mild Concussion 3 wks
WK12 - TE Wilson - Broken Collarbone - OFS
WK12 - CB Doston - Broken Collarbone - OFS ( IR)
WK16 - QB Thigpen - Strained Back 10 wks
WK17 - RE Mitchell - Abdominal Tear 9 wks
WK17 - MLB Sturdivant - Sprained Elbow 3 wks
WK18 - CB Suggs - Abdominal Tear 1 wk

With Thigpen going down on multiple occasions we brought in Lou Bishop from the Steelers to give a viable backup and potential future starter. We'd tried to get Bishop from the Dolphins weeks before but they wanted too high a price, however the Steelers were happy to move him on when they deemed their season over. Unfortunately we couldn't get him into Chicago for the week 9 game due to bad weather (and we lost that encounter to the Saints 0-20) and he didn't see further action until week 14.
The shining light that helped us reach the playoffs to begin with was the hard work of running back Lino Baggett. Baggett managed to play all 16 regular season games this year, running for 1731 yards at 4.86 ypc and collecting 13 touchdowns (league best). Newcomer Vick Ballard was an able backup with 507 yards of his own at 4.19 ypc and 4 scores. We ended the year with the 3rd best running game in the league which has become a hall mark of a GM Pearce team, along with the stifling pass defense that Cb Suggs and Dotson lead. Dotson now sits second all time for interceptions in RZL, 1 behind Korey Macy, whilst Suggs has taken over the leadership of the secondary (6 picks this year), especially with Dotsons' absence during the year. Second year player Jonathan Banks stepped into the starting role and got a taste of what it will be like in the future. Ricky Sapp had another superb performance, collecting 14 sacks for the year (equal third in the league) and now sits 10th in career sacks. Geno Atkins had 9 sacks of his own whilst ROLB Michael Wright hand another all-round year with 8 sacks, 5 TFLs and 1 pick.

From all these performances, the following players are making a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl:
HB Baggett
C Levitre
LE Sapp
ROLB Wright
CB Suggs
SS Ross

With our season coming to a close against the Saints in a snow covered wildcard game there will be new management at the helm I Chicago for the 2024 season. Hopefully Steelers Gm Tim Nissen can keep this team in a better state of repair than this season and bring a higher level of performance back to Bears football.
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Bears Playoff Hopes Held Together by a Thread
After 17 brutal weeks of competition the Bears have limped into their second consecutive division title and another trip to the playoffs. A gutsy week 17 win over the Carolina Panthers enabled us to hang onto the division lead from the Vikings by division record alone and make a 9-7 record the 4th seed in the NFC and looking pretty weak compared to the 11-5 and 10-6 records below us. The biggest factor over our play to this point has been the mounting toll of injuries we've sustained, a list added to this week by MLB Quan Strudivant and RE Earl Mitchell. Mitchell is done for the year no matter what, however Sturdivant has a chance to return if we go deep enough in post season play, but this is highly unlikely. We face off against the powerful New Orleans Saints in the wild card round, forced to add another free agent to the list as veteran MLB Clifton Blaser is brought in to cover for the injured Sturdivant and fill the #2 MLB position. With a full roster we had to cur WR Larry Smith to make room and accumulate another $1.28M in cap penalties next season, which isn't ideal but needed under the current circumstances. With 6 players currently listed as injured and 2 already on injured reserves we are stretching our talent thin to make ourselves a competitive playoff team. The only promising light this week is that the Saints have lost to the Packers this year, a team we swept in our games so we know it is possible for the underdog to pull a surprise victory on this NFC South team.
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At A Glance

GM T_Nissen
Head Coach M.Schaub
Offensive Coordinator C.Williams
Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson
Special Teams Mike Priefer
Salary $183.55M
Cap Penalty $6.45M
Cap Room $9.33M

Bears Fritz Dotson SS 96 Out for season
Bears James Jackson CB 82 Out for season

NFC North
#3 Vikings Vikings 13-3-0 0.81 6-0
#18 Lions Lions 8-8-0 0.50 3-3
#20 Bears Bears 7-9-0 0.44 2-4
#32 Packers Packers 3-13-0 0.19 1-5

1 Thu at Lions Lions #18
Won 38-37
2 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 17-20
3 Sun at Rams Rams #30
Won 34-16
4 Sun at Packers Packers #32
Lost 14-24
5 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 24-19
7 Sun vs Texans Texans #17
Lost 0-20
8 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #9
Won 27-13
9 Sun vs Titans Titans #2
Won 26-17
10 Sun vs Packers Packers #32
Won 16-7
11 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 7-10
12 Sun at Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 32-36
13 Sun vs Lions Lions #18
Lost 14-21
14 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Won 34-23
15 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 10-42
16 Sat at Colts Colts #31
Lost 17-22
17 Sun at Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 10-12

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